5 Easy Tricks For Building The Perfect Menu

Revel Blog | Revel | July 5, 2018 |

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A thoughtful, effective menu can boost your bottom line. And there are a number of creative tactics and even psychological strategies that go into building the perfect menu. From fast food to fine dining – your menu matters. Designing the perfect menu is just as much about science as it is about art.

Here are menu building hacks that actually boost your bottom line:

Eye Scanning Patterns

Eye movement plays a huge role in how a diner reads your menu. Conditioned to read from left to right, diners read menus sequentially like a book. This disproves the prior belief that diners skip around when they look at a menu. This diagram by SF State researcher Sybil Yang, showcases how the average diner reads a menu.

perfect menu

De-emphasize Currency Signs

A simple suggestion boils down to simple psychology. Diners connect dollar signs with real money. A study by Cornell University reported that even “twenty dollars” spelled out led diners to spend more, riding the strong correlation between the dollar sign ($) with spending money. You can also place the price at the end of the dish description; by doing this, you are selling the people on the description before they factor in the price.

Anchor Price

An anchor price is your highest priced items. By including an inflated priced item per section (appetizers/dinners/desserts etc.), the dollar value perception of your items shift, and they seem much more reasonable. The trick here is to make sure that you don’t price anchor your most profitable dish. Anchoring your prices, lets you determine the value of your dishes you want to sell the most of.

Clear Sections

Organize your food and drinks in different sections and with clear headlines. This will help diners know exactly where to look for what they want to order, and keep your menu from appearing cluttered and overwhelming.

On Brand Look & Feel

To ensure that your restaurant has one cohesive look and feel, it’s important that your menu is on brand. This includes everything from your typography and images to how you describe your dishes on your menu. Is your restaurant formal? Then try using cursive and flowery language to describe your dishes.   

Manage your engineered menu with a Revel Point of Sale. Whether it’s a new season or your menu needs a refresh, easily customize the back-end to reflect a changing menu. To take a deeper dive into menu building, check out this article for more.