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Revel Contactless Features: A Closer Look

It’s well known that the restaurant industry has been historically slow—and occasionally resistant—to the adoption of new technology. However, a global pandemic did eventually accelerate that adoption rate, namely for contactless technology. With a COVID-inspired magnifying glass on cleanliness and...

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Will COVID Steal Christmas? A Prediction for Online Retailers

Industry Insights and Trends

The nightmare before Christmas or joy to the world for online retailers?  It’s tough to say with certainty what online retailers should expect from this year’s holiday shopping period. Data in the immediate aftermath of Amazon’s delayed Prime Day...

Sydney Kida read time 5 Minute Read

Creating a Small Business Inventory Management System


Small Business Inventory Management: Tips & Solutions Your Etsy store is more popular than ever. Your comic book store’s sales are skyrocketing. Your personal baking business is hot! But, there’s just one problem! You don’t have enough of your...

Julie Holkeboer read time 4 Minute Read

Why data visibility is the secret ingredient for restaurant success


Data visibility is not a term we’re used to hearing in conjunction with the restaurant industry. Restaurants conjure ideas of authentic cooking, true hospitality and good food equaling automatic success. In practice, there's a bit more to it than...

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See Why Revel is the #1 POS Solution for Pizza

  • Easy to set up online ordering
  • Customizable delivery options
  • Customer loyalty program
  • Inventory management

Spotlight: New Delivery Management Solution

Product Features

The Evolution of Delivery Management Delivery isn’t new to the restaurant space. While the first adopters of the concept didn’t exactly have a sophisticated delivery management solution in place, the act of transporting ready-to-eat meals to others...

Sydney Kida read time 4 Minute Read

What Equipment Do You Need to Start a Coffee Shop? An Essential Guide.


Coffee can be big business, especially in the United States. If you're interested in breaking into those profits, you'll want to make sure your coffee shop equipment essentials are covered.   According to The National Coffee Association , 64...

Sydney Kida read time 5 Minute Read

User Experience (UX) Product Design Expert: Revel Employee Spotlight

How Vaiva Helps Execute UX Product Design at Revel We’re excited to share the newest edition of our employee-focused blog series. This time around, we had the chance to speak with a member of our team based in Vilnius, Lithuania. Revel’s Lithuania...

Julie Holkeboer read time 5 Minute Read

Why COVID-19 Could Actually Be Good for the Hospitality Industry [Opinion]

In this thought leadership series, Revel CSO Chris Lybeer shares his thoughts and predictions around the hospitality industry. This is an industry that has faced a year filled with obstacles. He pairs these thoughts with advice on how restaurants...

Julie Holkeboer read time 3 Minute Read

Order Ready Board for Easy Pickups

Product Features

Improve Operations with an Order Ready Board Pickup orders, sometimes called “curbside pickup,” have become commonplace in the post-pandemic dining scene. Takeout orders soared in volume in the months following the outbreak of COVID-19 and...

Sydney Kida read time 3 Minute Read

Pizza King Modernizes Operations With Revel


Pizza King Modernizes Operations Pizza King modernizes its operations with a cloud-based point of sale (POS). The brand is deploying the Revel Enterprise pizza solution across its entire chain of 49 existing locations. Pizza King will also implement...

Sydney Kida read time 1 Minute Read

How Cloud Computing Can Help Your Business Thrive


Cloud computing is a broad topic that covers a range of functions and services. Ultimately, it’s designed to make online operations smoother and more secure. In the past several years, we’ve seen a widespread trend of businesses adopting cloud...

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