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The Benefits of Product Releases

Product Release Benefits  Product releases are essential when it comes to providing the best, up-to-date technology for the customers we serve. That is why Revel does seasonal product releases to make sure we are providing the best technology to our customers, allowing them to run their business...

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What is Visual Merchandising? (Explained)


Retail merchandising is at the heart of grabbing shoppers’ attention. Mainly known as visual merchandising or visual styling in retail circles, you need to master this skill to capture the passing shopper and maximize your sales.

Revel Systems read time 8 Minute Read

Spotlight: New Mobile Payment Solution | Revel SmartPay


Demand for Mobile Payments Covid-19 has changed the restaurant industry forever. Now more than ever consumers are demanding a more safe, convenient and digital experience in their day-to-day activities, especially when it comes to payments. A study...

Kelly Hogan read time 3 Minute Read

The Comprehensive Guide to Building Your eCommerce Branding


The Comprehensive Guide to Building Your eCommerce Branding Developing your company’s eCommerce branding is more than designing a flashy logo or using a fancy typeface. Building a brand online is less about how you present your business and more...

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See Why Revel is the #1 POS Solution for Pizza

  • Easy to set up online ordering
  • Customizable delivery options
  • Customer loyalty program
  • Inventory management

Webinar Highlights: Leveraging Technology for Your Growth Strategy

restaurant technologies

Technology is constantly evolving, and early adoption of the latest trends is costly, with no guaranteed return on investment. With strategy and testing, however, technology can be a crucial component to career growth and competitive advantage in...

Sydney Kida read time 6 Minute Read

How Apple-Backed Point of Sale Platforms Help Benefit Bottom Lines


The hardware and software powering businesses today often determine the difference between a surviving and thriving business. Revel CSO Chris Lybeer returns as a guest contributor with his take on why Apple’s iOS operating system and hardware are a...

Chris Lybeer read time 3 Minute Read

Types of Inventory Management Systems - Explained

inventory management system

What are the Different Types of Inventory Systems? Inventory systems are a critical part of successful supply chain management. With so many different types of inventory systems available, you must choose the right inventory control system for your...

Revel Systems read time 4 Minute Read

Software Engineering Expert in Vilnius: Revel Employee Spotlight

iPad POS Technology

How Vilius Helps Execute Software Engineering at Revel Our “People POS” series shines a spotlight on teammates who help bring Revel’s client-first business approach to life. In the previous installment of the series, we featured Mishuk. Mishuk is an...

Revel Systems read time 4 Minute Read

4 Ways for Restaurants to Benefit from Social Media

social media

Any business that relies on a lot of foot traffic has to make the most of any marketing opportunities available to it. For a restaurant, traditional channels like word of mouth or local advertising might bring in some customers, but these are not...

Alyse Falk read time 4 Minute Read

Considering Ease of Use When Selecting a Point of Sale

Featured Article

In this blog post, Revel Mid-Market Sales Executive Michael Sien dives into the importance of factoring ease into your point of sale search. As a Revel sales executive, Michael is passionate about selling solutions that empower operators rather than...

Michael Sien read time 4 Minute Read

What is a Ghost Kitchen? (Answered)


What are Ghost Kitchens? Sadly, the effects of COVID-19 has been extremely damaging to many restaurants, forcing them to close their doors. While this disruption has been difficult for the entire hospitality industry, it has also created an...

Revel Systems read time 4 Minute Read