Recent Articles from Kristie Wright

How to Leverage Social Media to Market & Grow Your Restaurant Business

Knowing how to leverage social media can play a key factor in your restaurant’s growth. Social media has evolved from rudimentary communication into a tool capable of connecting you with millions of consumers around the world, elevating your reputation, and inviting audiences in for more.

How to Build a Loyal and Engaged Customer Base with Loyalty Programs

There isn’t a restaurant, coffee shop, pizzeria, or retailer that can survive in the long term without customer loyalty. You need your customers to appreciate what you offer and give your business positive feedback.

7 Cost-Cutting Strategies for Business Success

The world of business is becoming increasingly saturated and competitive by the day. To be financially successful, restaurant and retail businesses need to find innovative ways to minimize their costs to bolster their net profit.

Tips For Running A Restaurant On A Tight Budget

Running a Restaurant on a Tight Budget: Cost-Effective Strategies for Success Operating a restaurant on a tight budget is no easy feat. With inflation rates continuing to rise and competitors getting smarter with marketing and money-saving techniques, it’s essential that you know how to manage your...

Why Your Invoice Template Needs To Include a Thank You

Customers and clients are the backbones of any business. Without them fitting into the cycle of demand and consumption, you wouldn’t have a business to run. So why do so few companies add a thank you message to their invoices?

Product Portfolio Expansion: Why Updating Your Portfolio Matters

The state of your product portfolio and efficiency of your supply chain are intimately linked. Your supply chain is the process through which you create, store, and sell your business’s products. If your chain is not transparent, optimized, and capable of being scaled, your bottom line won’t be...

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