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Why Your Invoice Template Needs To Include a Thank You

Kristie Wright | May 13, 2022 |

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Why Your Invoice Template Needs To Include a Thank You

Customers and clients are the backbones of any business. Without them fitting into the cycle of demand and consumption, you wouldn’t have a business to run. So why do so few companies add a thank you message to their invoices? 

As invoices become increasingly digitized, duplicated, and automated for enhanced efficiency, many businesses are missing out on the opportunity to nurture a more humanistic dynamic with clients. 

In 2022, personalization is where it’s at, and it’s never been more important. Adding a thank you message to your invoice templates can help you gain the traction you need to enjoy a mutually appreciative relationship with clients. 

Other ways to add personalization

Saying thank you is a small thing that can make a profound difference in the way clients interact with you both now and in the future. In this post, we’ll look over the many benefits of using gratitude to lengthen and strengthen your client relationships

Personalizes Your Interaction 

Over the past few years, personalization has been a major theme in everything from marketing to business interactions. Research has revealed that personalization denotes increased likeability, loyalty, and probability of return. 

Reading a short but sweet “thank you” message at the end of an invoice can feel personal, even if the recipient knows that they’re not the only person you’re thanking. Everyone is working so hard that a little expression of thanks can go a surprisingly long way. 

What’s more, very little genuine appreciation seems to be shared between people in the business sphere these days. If you make an effort to thank your clients for their time and attention, they may feel appreciated on a personal level. 

Communicates Professionalism 

Manners are always in fashion, especially in the corporate world. Saying please and thank you at the right moments can display respectfulness and professionalism, two traits that are particularly important to older generations. 

If you want to get on the good side of a client who you know is very traditional, saying thank you could help them to feel recognized for their contribution to your business and make them feel seen. 

Maintaining a professional stance throughout your career is critical for gaining general respect and high esteem. A small “thank you” note at the end of an invoice shows character and a desire for pleasant, respectful interactions. This can go a long way with certain clients. 

Can Prompt Faster Payments 

It’s true, you shouldn’t need to beautify your invoice templates just to get someone to pay you on time, but if it’s working, who’s complaining? Adding a brief message of gratitude to your invoice templates won’t take long, but it might make a huge difference in the pace at which clients pay you. 

Everyone enjoys being appreciated, and a convenient “thank you” might mean the difference between a timely payment and a latent one. When someone expresses sincere thanks, it can increase your sense of intimacy with them, prompting you to do their bidding with less resistance. 

In a world where late and even unpaid invoices are on the rise, just about everyone could use a tip or two when it comes to minimizing that gap. 

Demonstrates Attention To Detail 

It’s always important to show clients that you are mentally present and on top of your game. Attention to detail is a prized trait in most spheres. And this small act of gratitude can act as a testament to your impressively detail-oriented approach to work. 

Nobody expects to be implicitly thanked for paying an invoice. This is what makes this display of attention to detail all the more surprising. 

Most invoice templates are pretty straightforward in their layout and content, but leaving a kind message at the end of one for recipients to read can show impressive thoughtfulness. If clients start to perceive you as a very detail-oriented client, they may start to see you in a more positive light. 

Fosters Loyalty Through Gratitude

As hard as it might be for some people to accept, there is nothing wrong with using a strategy of gratitude to win over people’s affection. Expressing a warm “thank you” to respective clients can enhance their sense of connection to you, making them more likely to want to do business with you in the future.  

Going the extra mile for clients that you know could be valuable to you in the long run is a smart choice that you definitely won’t regret in the future. Maintaining loyal clients over time is one of the most powerful things that you, as a business, can do. So why not say thanks, and see what happens? After all, it’s free! 


Saying thank you on an invoice is a small act that can have big consequences. It’s just one of the ways you can ensure your customers feel valued, well looked after, and above all, appreciated. 

Every part of the customer experience is important. If you want to provide customers with the best possible point of sale (POS) platform, talk to us about how we can help.

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