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Revel Contactless Features: A Closer Look

It’s well known that the restaurant industry has been historically slow—and occasionally resistant—to the adoption of new technology. However, a global pandemic did eventually accelerate that adoption rate, namely for contactless technology. With a COVID-inspired magnifying glass on cleanliness and...

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4 Steps for a Strong Customer Communication Strategy


Customer Communication Strategy—Why It Matters Communication strongly determines the attitude of users towards the company. Hence, it affects whether they return. A customer communication strategy allows for better communication. It outlines both...

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Restaurant iPad POS vs Android POS [Comparison]

iPad POS Technology

Choosing the Right Point of Sale for Your Restaurant Today's business owners have much to consider when it comes to technology deployment, including the long-term implications of their decisions. Restaurant operators considering cloud-based...

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What is Dead Stock? - Inventory Management Analysis


What is Dead Stock?  Inventory control is probably one of the trickiest aspects of running any business. If you’re understocked, you can’t make sales and customers will be inconvenienced. On the other hand, if you overdo it, you might have too much...

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See Why Revel is the #1 POS Solution for Pizza

  • Easy to set up online ordering
  • Customizable delivery options
  • Customer loyalty program
  • Inventory management

Stay Open for Business with Digital Marketing Strategies


Digital Marketing Strategies That Can Help Your Business During Lockdown Digital solutions, including digital marketing strategies, have long been hot topics for the business marketplace. Then 2020 happened, and these strategies are more crucial ...

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Expansion Sales Expert: Revel Employee Spotlight

iPad POS Technology

How Chris Helps Execute Expansion Sales at Revel We’re back with another edition of our employee-focused blog series. Read on to meet another member of the talented team that fuels Revel, also known as the “People point of sale (POS).” In case you...

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New Revel Advisory Board Created to Help Clients Drive Growth and Improve Operations

iPad POS Technology

Revel Systems, a cloud-based point of sale (POS) and complete business management platform, today announced the formation of a new Revel Advisory Board. In alignment with Revel’s commitment to client success, the Revel Advisory Board is composed of...

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What is Inventory Control? - Definition & Common Systems


What is Inventory Control? Inventory control can spell the difference between success and failure with your business. Proper control can help maximize your profits while maintaining minimal stock in your warehouse. Indeed, getting to that point of...

Julie Holkeboer read time 7 Minute Read

Reducing Food Waste in Restaurants: How to Track & Save


How Can Restaurants Reduce Waste? Reducing food waste in restaurants is one of the most pressing problems in modern-day America. We are known the world over for our wasteful culture, and every year the tons of food dumped into our landfills prove...

Sydney Kida read time 6 Minute Read

Restaurant Productivity Apps: Task, Inventory & Order Mgmt


A Guide to Productivity Apps for Restaurants  Ask any restaurant manager and they’ll make it clear that running a restaurant is no easy job. Long hours, staff management and customer complaints are just a part of it. Luckily, as technology advances,...

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FAT Brands Selects Revel Systems to Modernize Operations With Cloud-Based Point of Sale Platform


Leading Global Franchisor Will Use Revel Enterprise™ to Drive Innovation and Improve Efficiency as It Transitions from Legacy System FAT Brands selects Revel for its latest franchise contract. A leading global franchising company in the fast casual...

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