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How the Right Point of Sale Platform Can Help Improve a Restaurant’s Finances

From my current role as Revel’s Chief Strategy Officer, I am very familiar with the latest developments in point of sale (POS) technology. Not only that, but I’ve had an opportunity to witness major changes in the POS space throughout my career. In this blog post, I’ll leverage those insights to...

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Revel Blog Main Feature

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Restaurant Tech Improved Average Unit Volume for This Multi-Unit Brand

Another Broken Egg Cafe is one of the fastest growing brands in the daytime restaurant segment. With more than 80 locations, including corporate and franchise restaurants, across 15 American states, Another Broken Egg is a thriving table-service option for breakfast, brunch and lunch enthusiasts...

Weighing Convenience vs. Price for Food Delivery Subscriptions

In spite of many shifts in the marketplace and in consumer preferences as of late, convenience continues to reign supreme for consumer spending behavior. One area where that translates meaningfully for food brands is that of delivery.

A Year in Review at Revel Systems and A Look Ahead at 2023

In my role as Revel’s Chief Strategy Officer, I get a front row seat into the development work taking place inside Revel’s walls. In 2022, I’m so proud of the solutions we brought to market for our clients, and we have a lot to look forward to in 2023. Stick around as I share more thoughts on what...

How To Increase Server Tips

Server tips can make up as much as 70% of a food server's income. That means a majority of their income is contingent on the dining experience and behavior of the customer.

Make the Most of Restaurant SEO

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is revolutionizing how all sorts of businesses market their products or services. Essentially SEO is the practice of adjusting your website content so you can rank as high as possible in the listing for search results—in the case of restaurants, when people are...

Restaurant Apple iPad POS vs Android POS

Choosing the Right POS Device for Your Restaurant Today's business owners have much to consider when it comes to technology deployment, including the long-term implications of their decisions. Restaurant operators considering cloud-based technology solutions for their restaurant management POS...

Top Benefits of Cloud POS System for Restaurants

Your point of sale (POS) system is not only a POS but a restaurant management platform that is the centerpiece of your business. Nowadays restaurants need an agile POS platform that allows businesses to adapt to the ever changing market. A cloud-based POS is the best POS system that allows you to...

4 Social Media Marketing Strategies for Multi-location Restaurants

Having a strong social media marketing strategy is essential in the increasingly digital restaurant industry. Restaurant owners have known this for years, especially after the struggles of Covid-19. The question now is, what are the best strategies to implement?

Emerging Enterprises Account Executive: Revel Employee Spotlight

Get to know some of the best and brightest at Revel Systems in our recurring “People POS” question-and-answer series. Our more recent spotlight featured Seth Kessel, a scrum master with a passion for helping his team solve complex problems.

Why Counter Service is Replacing Dining Rooms

Years ago, when people thought about going out to eat, they thought about being led to a table where they were taken care of by a server throughout the meal. Increasingly, eating out means ordering at a counter and seating yourself or leaving with takeout containers.

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