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Event Specialist: Revel Employee Spotlight

Grace Halverson | September 22, 2023 |

People POS Spotlight
Event Specialist: Revel Employee Spotlight

Get to know some of the best and brightest at Revel Systems® in our recurring “People POS” question-and-answer series. Our previous spotlight featured Business Intelligence Team Lead Karolis Zumbakis, the go-to data point person for strategic insights and analysis and one of the early hires in Revel’s Lithuanian office. 

Revel’s Sr. Marketing Operations Specialist Grace Halverson sat down with Sr. Event Specialist Morgan McMains for a Q&A session to learn more about her experience at Revel and the adventures she’s had along the way. Read on for a peek behind the curtain into Revel’s event success (view our upcoming event details here) and get Morgan’s take on why Revel is a great place to work.

Meet Senior Event Specialist Morgan McMains Fraser

(Q): Hi Morgan! To kick things off, I’d love to know what brought you to Revel and how you would describe your role here?

(A) A close friend of mine who was working at Revel passed along the job posting and said, “you would be great at this!” At the time I was a marketing coordinator at a global event organizer where I learned all about the inner workings of the trade show industry.

A Closer Look Into Event Planning at Revel

(Q): For those who are unfamiliar with the trade show sector, what would you say were the most crucial components of planning and coordinating a booth?

(A): There are so many details to consider, big and small. But one of the most important steps is the booth design. No matter the size, a booth should embody the brand but cut through the noise of a cluttered trade show hall. Balancing bold colors and graphics with white space and minimal messaging can create something that feels more like a showcase and less like show-chaos. I think it's also important to have the right people there. Preparing a big group of people for events can be challenging but it's so rewarding to witness the Revel team share our platform with restaurant owners and retailers. 

(Q): Angling the spotlight towards your unique skills: I’ve heard stories of car-shaped succulents, pralines, cowboy hats, etc - all examples of your incredible eye for detail and your capacity to consider thoughtful touches that set Revel apart in the event arena. From where do you draw your inspiration and how do neon signs and such relate to Revel?

(A): I am always looking for creative ways to bring personality to our corporate events. Whether it’s something fun like the space western happy hour we hosted at FSTEC in 2022 or a route-66 style reception decked out in neon signs for our user conference in 2019, I never miss the chance to surprise and delight attendees. Industry events are held all over the US, but there’s never enough time to actually explore the cities we visit, so I try to pull inspiration from the host city to give guests the opportunity to experience something unique about the place they’re visiting.

(Q): A lot of heart and thought goes into these events beyond what we see or even what you share today. For you, what is the highlight or favorite part of your job?

(A): My favorite part of the job is probably how creative I get to be. I was a theater kid in highschool and became really involved in set design so I get to use those same skills here. The stage is a little different now but I’m still designing walls, sourcing furniture, using spotlights and making sure our show team has everything they need to perform their best. 

(Q): Your role involves a lot of interfacing with prospects and clients at a variety of events - what would you say were the main takeaways or current trends in the POS technology market?

(A): I’ve seen a lot over the past 5 years, and consumer demands have changed quickly. It’s been pretty amazing to witness how those changes have shaped the industry and proven the value of our platform. We just exhibited in FSTEC and the main theme was prioritizing the customer experience. So, of the many solutions Revel provides, people seem to really perk up when we talk about loyalty programs, paying at the table and other innovations changing restaurant experiences for guests.

Reflecting on Revel

(Q): You’ve been with Revel for several years now - looking back, would you care to share a story or experience that was a defining moment in your career?

(A): Within my first 6 months at Revel we hosted our user conference, Revelry. It’s one of the biggest events I have the pleasure of organizing but it's a huge lift and consists of a lot of moving parts. Two weeks out from the big event, I tore my ACL by crashing my new bike and was using crutches to get around. I quickly learned the importance of hiring the right vendors (helpful tip) and learned how supportive my team is. The event was a huge success and I learned a lot about what I am capable of.

(Q): As you approach your fifth year here at Revel, what about this company stands out to you? What keeps you engaged and motivated?

(A): Revel has come a long way since it started, but it will always have roots in the California start-up world. We have maintained a culture of self-motivation, hard work and fun, where everyone plays an important role and no one is less important than the other. I know my side of the business is much different than the engineering side but we aren’t that far from each other in the office, so playing a quick round of ping-pong with them after lunch isn’t out of the question.

(Q): Are there any projects or upcoming events that you are excited about that you care to share?

(A): We’re working on the 2024 edition of Revelry Executive Summit (RES). It’s a smaller version of our huge user conference, Revelry, which was re-imagined and debuted in 2023. RES is more intimate and curated to our invited guests. I don’t want to give too much away but we are looking at Chicago to host next year’s event.

Life Outside of Work

(Q): Could you share with our readers more about yourself? When you’re not at work, what are some things you do for fun or within your local community?

(A):  Atlanta is such an exciting place to be right now and there is no shortage of opportunities for activism. I take pride in supporting many causes that empower my community. We also just moved to Grant Park in Atlanta. My husband and I have spent most of our free time on new house projects and exploring our new neighborhood. I also have a lot of sweat equity in my yard where I’ve started planting a native garden friendly to pollinators. Our neighbors have honey bees so it’s pretty thrilling to see them visit my flowers.

Think you or someone you know would make a great addition to Revel’s team? Check out the open roles on our careers page to see if we have a position that fits your skills and interests! Whether you’re a event specialist like Morgan or have a different set of passions and qualifications, we are constantly looking for more great additions to our team.