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Emerging Enterprise Sales: Revel Employee Spotlight

Julie Standridge | May 2, 2024 |

People POS Spotlight
Emerging Enterprise Sales: Revel Employee Spotlight

Meet Emerging Enterprise Account Executive Lynne DeVall

Get to know some of the best and brightest at Revel Systems® in our recurring “People POS” question-and-answer series. Our previous spotlight featured Josh Starkey, a professional services consultant who travels the U.S. helping our clients implement Revel’s platform. 

Revel’s Marketing Communications Manager Julie Standridge is back with another spotlight on a talented Revel colleague. This time around, she’s chatting with Lynne DeVall, an emerging enterprise account executive servicing Revel’s west coast market. 

Lynne is a life-long seller and the joy she finds from her role is sparked by a natural curiosity to always keep learning about people, processes, and ways she can help a business optimize their operations. Read on to learn more about Lynne’s dynamic career in sales and as a bonus, some of the best meals she’s had the pleasure of enjoying at Revel’s restaurant clients. 

Meet Emerging Enterprise Account Executive Lynne DeVall

(Q): Hi Lynne! Thanks for taking the time to speak with me today. I know you’re reporting from sunny Arizona and lead Revel’s west coast emerging enterprise sales. I’d love to learn more about the earlier stages of your career, and what helped you land your current role at Revel. 

(A): Well, I’ve been an emerging enterprise account executive at Revel for a little over one and a half years, but I’ve really been in sales my whole life. My mom always likes to tell me I was born to be a salesperson! I’m not sure if I agree, but here we are.

My first real sales job was selling at a citrus stand; my brother in law’s family owned a very large citrus farm here in Arizona. In college I studied marketing and business and since then I’ve always been in sales roles, but in many different capacities. Throughout college, I was a department store manager for Revlon and Clinique, and right out of college I took a turn and moved into real estate sales leasing office space. 

Shortly after that, I worked for a large distributor focused on hardware sales with national accounts, and it was in this role that I transitioned into selling software for the first time. I traveled for work a lot in my twenties and wore a lot of different hats. 

After spending time at two other software companies, a friend who worked at Revel reached out with so many good things to say about the company and I decided to apply. The rest is history! 

A Day in the Life in Sales at Revel

(Q): I know many people say “no two days are the same” in their roles, but I think that’s really true for salespeople. Can you share a glimpse into what a work day might look like for you? 

(A): On a typical day, I do my prospecting in the morning. I like to plan a whole quarter, if not a year, in advance around what markets I’m targeting, why I’m targeting them, and how I’ll accomplish my goals. I try to be very strategic in that planning. 

Then I will have a few internal calls so that we can collaborate before meeting with a prospective client. My team and I are always trying to think a step ahead and talk through what we might be able to anticipate on calls. These internal calls prepare us for demonstrations with these accounts. 

Everyone from sales management, sales engineering, sales operations and beyond are so smart here. Anybody that I reach out to here is a tremendous help and source of support, and it makes my day-to-day work so much easier. 

(Q): What is your favorite thing to highlight when you’re selling Revel’s order management platform? 

(A): I know it might sound corny, but I really do think that our tagline is so key: The Heart of Your Business. We actually care, and I really sell the hands-on relationship that we have with our clients and the robustness of our onboarding. I think it’s a huge differentiator. I have worked for enough companies to know that not everyone has that.

Yes, we do have amazing products and features—especially when you talk about our open API and platform flexibility—but I like to always think that the first thing I’m selling is a trusting relationship with myself and our team. It really matters. 

Perks of the Job as An Emerging Enterprise Account Executive

(Q): You’ve made a career out of sales, and it seems like you’ve really developed a passion for it. What continues to motivate you to stay in this career field? 

(A): I think it’s getting the chance to know so many unique people. You really get to know these people intimately—I spend so much time with them! And when I handoff clients to our incredible Revel Navigators™ team, it’s almost weird that I’m not talking to them as much. Even the deals that I’ve lost—I still like to check in with those contacts because I created such close relationships. 

When a recent deal closed, I happened to be on paid time off (PTO) and the chief executive officer (CEO) called me and asked if he could send me a bottle of champagne. It’s moments and relationships like that that make this job worth it! 

(Q): We’ve talked a lot about how much you enjoy working with restaurateurs at Revel, and I’m sure you have a new level of respect for what they do. Have you had the chance to try the cuisine at many of the restaurants you work closely with, and does a favorite stand out? 

(A): Oh of course! Pepper Lunch was really outstanding. I got to visit their Las Vegas location and get a behind-the-scenes tour. I would compare what we ate to five-star dining! I also just went to Crazy Pita and their tzatziki was incredible. Their chicken was the most tender chicken I’ve ever eaten. Mr. Pickle’s Sandwich Shop is a brand that’s newer to Arizona and their sandwiches are to die for. They get their bread fresh from Boudin Bakery in San Francisco. You can’t go wrong with any of them!

Celebrating Client Success

(Q): As a veteran account executive, I’m sure you must have a favorite part of the career or you wouldn’t have stayed with it for so long. What aspects of your current role, and previous roles, do you value the most? 

(A): As I matured in my career, I realized I love managing people and have had the opportunity to manage business and sales development teams. More importantly, though, I’ve come to realize that I love sales so much because I truly enjoy meeting people and learning about their businesses. It gives me the chance to always keep learning and it’s so rewarding to help transform the way they have been doing business for the better. 

I really enjoy working specifically with restaurants—it’s so much fun. It’s such a different group of people and I love learning how restaurants operate, the challenges they face, and understanding what the average consumer that walks into a restaurant doesn’t normally see. I had a boss early on that told me I have an eye for detail, and I think it can be a blessing and a curse. I notice things when they’re off, or wrong, and I enjoy fixing them.

Lynne Outside of Work

(Q): When you’re not helping restaurants and retailers optimize their technology stack with the latest and greatest in point of sale (POS) technology, what do you enjoy doing in your spare time? 

(A): I am an Arizona native and my husband and I have two daughters. We love to stay extremely active. We play pickleball, ski, scuba dive, sky dive, and love to camp. We also try to travel as much as we can and enjoy exploring new cultures and foods. 

Join Lynne on Revel’s Sales Team!

If hearing from Lynne has resonated with you, consider browsing our open sales roles at Revel. We’re constantly looking for the best and brightest and would love to connect with you if you think you could be a fit for one of our career openings.