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Managing Brand Consistency Across Multiple Locations

Strategies for Maintaining Brand Consistency Across Multiple Locations Building and maintaining brand consistency is essential if you want your company to expand, whether you’re opening multiple corporate locations or starting a franchise. Without a unified brand experience—in-store and online—your...

8 Proven Ways to Turn New Customers into Your Best Brand Advocates

Brand advocates are individuals who are passionate about your product or service so much so that they would gladly spread the word about it. Customers have never been more engaged than they are now, and social media and review sites give them significant authority over your company's online...

4 Steps For Building A Strong Brand Identity

The intangible aspect of business—the who, what, and how—is your brand. A term widely used but often misunderstood and overlooked. A strong brand identity furthers customer recognition, loyalty, and credibility, giving you a competitive edge in the market.

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