8 Proven Ways to Turn New Customers into Your Best Brand Advocates

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Brand advocates are individuals who are passionate about your product or service so much so that they would gladly spread the word about it. Customers have never been more engaged than they are now, and social media and review sites give them significant authority over your company's online reputation. Turning your top customers into brand advocates is a crucial step since they will do much of your marketing for you for free.

Brand advocates are individuals who are passionate about your product

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About customer advocacy

The phrase "customer advocacy" should pique your interest. These are the individuals who will become the cornerstones of your brand, spending the most money, bringing in the most clients, and shouting your name from the rooftops.

This article will discuss the importance of customer advocacy and why you need to jump on board with many proven ways to turn your customers into brand advocates.

Create a loyalty program

How about expressing to your consumers that you, too, are devoted? Show your appreciation by providing a loyalty program that includes discounts, handwritten thank you notes, or free items depending on the customer's purchasing history. 

Consider making the first gesture by providing new consumers with a discount on their first purchase. When companies make an effort to acknowledge and thank their customers, brand advocates are formed.

Use social media to interact with customers

If there is one place where your company should seek brand advocates, it is on its social media platforms. Every good comment should be seen as a chance to interact with the satisfied client and strengthen the relationship, whether by thanking them for their comments or marketing activities. 

For example, consider LinkedIn prospecting to increase your sales as well as attract more potential customers. Social media engagement is critical for connecting with satisfied consumers and turning dissatisfied customers into potential brand advocates.

Provide proactive service

Being one step ahead of your clients is a successful technique for gaining their trust and loyalty. This may range from keeping consumers informed to make their life easier with advanced service features. For example, tell them right away whether there will be a delivery delay or the event of a sale. 

Consider providing a live chat option to help with the sales process or a callback system to save them time when they need assistance. In addition, send them handwritten cards to show that you appreciate them, which will create an even deeper connection with the customer. Consider your customers' needs, and they will respect you.

Promote referral programs

Along with loyalty programs, referral programs help to keep current customers happy while attracting new ones. So why not reward your brand advocates as well as the new consumers they introduce? Referral programs are a real win-win scenario for everyone involved, and they are an excellent method to reward brand advocates.

Use a consistent omnichannel strategy

Customers value choices, and omnichannel service gives them precisely that. The goal is to provide a genuinely consistent experience with qualified agents available to interact on every channel and at any time. In addition, ensure that all channels are optimized for excellent service, bearing in mind that customers typically have a favored channel of contact.

Create appealing and focused marketing offers

Are your customers receiving marketing offers that they want? Make an effort to give them adequately targeted recommendations based on their past purchases and preferences. Your brand may also provide updates to previously purchased services or goods, as well as propose new ones.

Personalize customer relationships

Providing adequate customer service is no longer enough these days. What matters is ensuring exceptional customer experience, and making it genuinely great begins with being personal. 

To humanize your brand, build friendly relationships with your customers, always greet consumers by name in service interactions and marketing offers, and maintain a warm and approachable tone. Customized purchasing settings, such as wish lists and one-click checkout, can help simplify the sales process. Finally, keeping consumers updated in a timely way is essential to gaining their loyalty. Every customer should be treated as a valued individual whose time and business are important.

Seek feedback from customers

Turning customers into brand advocates requires showing that their opinions are valued. To improve service, solicit their feedback through post-contact and frequent surveys. Never ignore social media platforms; encourage people to add comments and user-generated content, such as videos or testimonials to illustrate their passion for your company. Customers will enjoy the fact that you care enough about the brand to improve it for their benefit. 

Happy customers are a brand's greatest asset because they help spread the word about their positive customer experiences.


Customer advocacy includes maintaining a constant focus on the customer and doing what will make your company stronger in the long run, even if it means enduring a short-term loss. 

Taking care of your customers is critical if you want to be around in 10, 20, or even 50 years. Nurturing relationships with consumers to provide them with the most satisfactory service possible is a sure way to turn them into powerful brand advocates. If a client gets the impression that you care, it's a fair bet that they'll care enough to become brand advocates.

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