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Top Tips for Summer Menu Changes

Kellie Wong | July 30, 2015 |

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Top Tips for Summer Menu Changes

Summer brings many changes; not the least of which is the dining habits of most people. While heavy and hearty meals make up our winter food choices, summer provides the backdrop for lighter fare. We see salads, fish, and chicken moving to the top of the list of our favorite summer cuisine. Summer offers QSR (Quick Serve Restaurants) a unique opportunity to tune up menus and offer its customers new and exciting menu options.

Summer Restaurant Visitors Seek Healthier Choices
Summer makes all of us a little more health-conscious, and offering meals that fit the needs of your on-the-go customers is a sure bet for success. Salads are a great option, especially if you add fresh fruits to the mix according to Kale is fast becoming a favorite salad staple and offers many creative opportunities for an incredible salad presentation. The article also points out that fresh seafood is a popular summer choice, especially if you’re close enough to a source of a truly fresh daily catch. Salmon, tuna, tilapia, shrimp and scallops top the list of favorites.

Restaurant Chains Stay with the Tried and True
The large food chains and fast food places bring out summer specials like clockwork. A recent story on outlines how chains like Subway, Cold Stone Creamery, Domino’s and even White Castle roll out new and established summer menu items designed to entice the palate of those looking for new, warm weather food choices. Seasonal ice cream favorites, turkey and avocado sandwiches, and pizza with chicken toppings roll around each summer providing lighter food options for summer revelers.

Cool Off with Summer Drinks and Desserts
A big part of the summer dinning out experience is centered on drinks and deserts. Adult beverages like margaritas or hurricanes are a nice choice after a ball game or concert, while many family outings often end up in a small restaurant or yogurt shop for ice cream or a smoothie for the kids. Cool Cider has also been trending well as reported in a Nation’s Restaurant News story with the classic drink jumping 70 percent in sales in 2013. Infused ice and alcohol-infused deserts are also proving popular with the adult restaurant and bar going crowds.

Keeping on top of your Summer Business Model
Seasonal changes to a restaurant’s menu may seem like a no-brainer, but there’s a lot of thought and back-end work that goes into adding any new menu item. Revel’s iPad POS system can help you through those seasonal changes with our centralized menu controls, Intelligent Reporting and Inventory Management tools. Why not take a Revel iPad POS system for a free, no-obligation test drive and see for yourself how easy it is to get started? Maybe you’ll even have enough time to enjoy one of those cool summer beverages yourself.