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How Integrations Play Into a Successful Coffee Shop POS Platform

Founded in 2008 in Portland, OR, Black Rock Coffee Bar has quickly catapulted to more than 135 locations in seven states and is on pace to continue opening between 30-40 new storefronts each year.

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Leveraging Your Brand's Loyalty Rewards Program For Maximum Returns

Most business owners who rely on customer traffic or repeat business understand the importance of a loyalty rewards program.

How to Provide a Luxury Customer Service Experience at Your Restaurant

When you consider a luxury customer service experience for your guests, what are the most important factors to consider? Quality, difficult-to-source ingredients? A fancy dining room? Speed of service?

Is Your Restaurant Growing Too Fast? How to Take Control

Growth is good in any business. After all, more business means more money and more success. However, growing too fast in the restaurant industry can have significant costs. In fact, if you can't successfully rein in growth, your business could fail. Is your restaurant growing too fast? Here's how...

Top Food Trends for QSR Restaurants

The world is more fast-paced than ever, and as a result, a greater number of consumers are looking for expanded options when it comes to quick and easy meals. New food-on-the-go trends are impacting how consumers shop and eat in a big way.

What Do Your Customers Value About Coffee?

Coffee plays a fundamental role in the lives of people all over the world. To succeed, cafes must realize that customers value coffee as something deeper than a drink. Coffee offers a moment of everyday luxury, something to slow down and savor, and an opportunity to relax in a comfortable...

Tips For Running A Restaurant On A Tight Budget

Running a Restaurant on a Tight Budget: Cost-Effective Strategies for Success Operating a restaurant on a tight budget is no easy feat. With inflation rates continuing to rise and competitors getting smarter with marketing and money-saving techniques, it’s essential that you know how to manage your...

Coffee AI—Can Forecasting Brew a Better Cup?

Coffee has been consumed since ancient times. It was popular throughout most of the world by the 17th century. There have been many evolutions in coffee's journey over time, but artificial intelligence (AI) may be among the most dramatic.

Artificial Intelligence Forecasting Reinventing How Restaurants Plan

Artificial intelligence forecasting for restaurants can alleviate the unpredictability that has long challenged the industry. Machine learning can tell you more than you could have learned before about when customers are most likely to come to your restaurant, how much of each ingredient you need...

NFC Mobile Payments: What They Are & How They Work

NFC technology is seen by many as the future of contactless payment. In fact, NFC mobile payments are already in use in other applications like train stations and office buildings.

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