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How To Make A Built-For-Success Marketing Campaign

Creating a marketing campaign that yields profitable results is easier said than done. Most companies throw up a few ads, start a Facebook page, or publish a blog and stop there. 

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The Best Practices for Inventory Management

inventory managment

Inventory management can be burdensome. However, that doesn’t eliminate the necessity of the process. Thankfully, you can find an inventory management system to decrease the labor involved significantly.

Revel Systems read time 4 Minute Read

How to Develop an SEO-Friendly Restaurant Website

optimized website

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced brick-and-mortar businesses to rethink their operations. Now more than ever, it’s important to serve your customers through multiple channels, both in-person and online. And to grow your sales and reach, it’s...

Shane Barker read time 6 Minute Read

From Awareness To Purchase: The Role Of Your Customer Journey Map


Understand Customer Expectations So You Can Exceed Them When it comes to running a successful business, you need to understand how you operate and what value customers see in your offers. Taking this physician, heal thyself approach to sales will...

Jake Rheude read time 5 Minute Read

See Why Revel is the #1 POS Solution for Pizza

  • Easy to set up online ordering
  • Customizable delivery options
  • Customer loyalty program
  • Inventory management

What is Online Reputation Management? (Answered)


Online Reputation Management: Effective Solutions for Your Business As consumers increasingly rely on public opinion before committing to a purchase—from choosing where they dine to selecting their next travel destination—it’s no wonder companies...

Revel Systems read time 5 Minute Read

Post-Holiday Season Checklist for Gift Card Programs

gift cards

With one of the most challenging holiday seasons we’ve ever faced behind us, we learned an important truth about plastic gift card programs: actual physical gift cards foster a strong emotional connection between community, merchants and customers. 

eCard Systems read time 4 Minute Read

PPP Funding for Restaurants Is Here


The following content was guest-authored by Samantha Novick, a content marketing writer covering business and finance for Funding Circle. Consider the following factors when Paycheck Protection Program funding for your restaurant. 

Samantha Novick read time 5 Minute Read

Human Resources Generalist: Revel Employee Spotlight

iPad POS Technology

How Maria Helps Execute Human Resources at Revel We’re back with a fresh installment of our “People POS” blog series and are thrilled to shine a light on another valuable member of our global team. We hope this series has helped you get to know our...

Revel Systems read time 5 Minute Read

Choosing the Right Stakeholders

Enterprise POS

So you’ve picked your point of sale. Now what?

Sydney Kida read time 4 Minute Read

Technology in Restaurants: New & Helpful Systems & Trends

restaurant technology

Technology in Restaurants: 5 Essentials for Every Business Over the last decade, restaurant guests have changed their habits. People have changed the way they eat, what they eat, and where they eat. They want their food to meet a myriad of dietary...

Revel Systems read time 3 Minute Read

Restaurant Sales Forecasting: How to Calculate Sales Data


What is a Restaurant Sales Forecast (and Why You Need It) Restaurant forecasting can optimize your decision making in nearly all aspects of business operations. Whether you need an estimate of how much coffee to order next week or how to schedule...

Revel Systems read time 4 Minute Read