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The Importance of Demand Forecasting

What is Demand Forecasting? The Details You Need to Know Countless variables can affect how much product you will sell in a given period.

What Does Open to Buy mean and why is it important?

Open to Buy Planning Explained If you run a retail business, you know there are many moving parts to track. Not only do you need to manage your business, you also need to develop thorough plans for it.

The Cash Wrap Process Explained

Cash wraps are a combination of practicality and psychology in retail. The correct execution of the cash wrap counter can increase sales and make or break the customer experience.

5 Things to Consider in Kitchen Designs and Examples

How to Plan Your Kitchen Restaurant Layout The layout of your kitchen can make or break your entire restaurant operation. Without careful layout planning, your kitchen staff may end up running around unnecessarily, delaying orders and leaving customers unsatisfied.

The Top 10 Pizza Marketing Strategies That Work Every Time

What is Pizza Marketing? When you think about it, pizza marketing seems like a simple concept: create a delicious, high-quality pizza, and the food will market itself. The problem is the market is saturated with pizza restaurants. There are so many options, it's hard for customers to know where to...

Coffee Shop Marketing Plan: Strategies for Your Business

Owning an independent coffee shop has many benefits. Some of which include the ability to be your own boss, be a part of your community, and be creative. In fact, consumers prefer to visit and stay longer at local coffee shops vs. major chains.

5 Creative Ways to Keep Restaurant and Bar Guests Entertained

Restaurant entertainment encourages clients to leave their comfort zones and visit your establishment for a unique experience they can't obtain at home. That's why these businesses need to emphasize a quality customer experience that goes beyond just the food.

A Comprehensive Guide to Credit Card Declined Codes and What They Mean

Sooner or later, all merchants will experience a credit card being declined. While it may be embarrassing for the customer, knowing how to address a decline can make or break the customer experience.

Project Management Expert: Revel Employee Spotlight Q&A

Project Management Expert: Revel Employee Spotlight Our “People POS” series shines a spotlight on colleagues who help bring Revel’s client-first business approach to life. In our previous installment in the series, we featured Mac White, a director of software development who helps define Revel’s...

Food Delivery 101: Simple Strategies to Increase Deliveries

Online food delivery has long been popular, but the COVID-19 pandemic spurred it to new heights. Knowing how to increase deliveries will boost your business as consumer demands change as a restaurant owner.

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