The Top 10 Pizza Marketing Strategies That Work Every Time

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What is Pizza Marketing?

When you think about it, pizza marketing seems like a simple concept: create a delicious, high-quality pizza, and the food will market itself. The problem is a market saturated with pizza places. There are so many options, it's hard for customers to know where to go.

In today’s market, pizza advertising goes beyond preparing delicious food and hanging a flashy sign on your storefront. It includes going through a three-step marketing process:

  • Attracting new customers
  • Engaging existing customers
  • Converting interested visitors into loyal customers

How to Increase Pizza Sales

To be successful, you need to stand out from your competition. While creating appetizing pizzas is at the heart of any pizza business, you also need to establish a solid marketing strategy. Simply doing what you’ve always done won’t cut it anymore. 

By developing a well-tailored pizza marketing plan, you'll already be several steps ahead of the majority of your competition.

No matter how long your pizza place has been around, you still need a solid pizzeria marketing strategy to reach new customers and increase sales.

Pizza Marketing Strategies and Ideas

Here's a list of 10 easily applicable pizza advertising ideas.

Be Different

With so many pizza shops around, you need to offer your customers something no other place has. If there are many generic pizza places in the neighborhood, opt for an exciting theme for the entire shop. In addition, hire an outstanding pizza chef to design recipes that offer new twists on old favorites. 

Whatever you do, make sure you do it differently than all the other places. And, if you stick with tried and true classic pizza recipes, make sure they’re better than your competition. 

Maintain Brand Consistency

Always preserve a consistent brand image. If you offer American-style pizza, don't use Italian names for the dishes. Brand consistency is essential, especially today.

Make sure each element of your service matches the central theme of your brand image.

Use Professional Food Photos

High-quality photos of food mean everything in today’s media-centric market. Gorgeous pictures of your pizza creations will have people craving one and placing an order ASAP. 

As visual media is crucial to your pizza marketing strategy, be sure to invest in a quality photographer who knows how to make your pizzas look amazing. It will be more than worth it.

Make Your Product Shareable

User-generated content can do wonders for your pizza shop. It’s not only the modern dayMTH Pizza mural word of mouth, but it also “employs” others to help you with your marketing efforts at no additional cost! 

From your food to your packaging materials, look for ways to keep your brand visually appealing. If you can, sweeten the deal with a space within your restaurant that looks cool, shareable, and uniquely yours (like an indoor mural, for example). Suggest a hashtag (#) on in-store signage so your customers can include it in their posts for even better searchable content. 

Your guests—and their Instagram followers—will take care of the rest! 

Convenient Combo Packages

Unlike other foods served in individual portions such as burgers, Mexican, or Chinese dishes, several people can share a pizza.

Offering combo deals will make ordering quick and convenient for your customers. For example, generate combo packages that feature pizza, wings, and breadsticks. And, include a deal that features a sweet treat, too. After all, who doesn’t love closing with dessert? 

Attractive Coupon Offers

People love to find extra savings. For decades, coupons have been among the most successful pizza advertising strategies to increase sales.

If you feature limited-time-only coupons in your campaign, they will attract more customers than a campaign without coupons.

Support Local Organizations

Becoming a regular sponsor for a chosen nonprofit that aligns with your business' values is essential. Not only does it show your business’s commitment to the community, but it also creates brand exposure as well. 

Choose a charity you relate to and offer to cater their next event, or better yet, gather your employees, take the day off, and volunteer somewhere. In addition, you could also sponsor a local little league team. This kind of community engagement will keep local customers coming back to your shop.

Text Message Pizza Marketing

Text message marketing is a pizza advertisement idea that may not seem like a big deal, but it is. The main reason SMS marketing has become so popular, not to mention effective, is that it reaches all types of mobile phones, whether or not they’re smart phones.

Even users who don't own smart devices or know how to log into apps will get updates and offers from your pizzeria via text message marketing. 

Targeted PPC Advertising

The process of using pay-per-click (PPC) ads includes placing ads on search engines. You then pay when someone clicks on the ad and visits your website.

You can target specific keywords and include various parameters like your town or region’s name when you place your ads. This helps broaden your reach for diners in your target audience who might not know about you yet. It also helps keep you top-of-mind (and top-of-page) when hungry people in your area search for pizza near their geographic location. 

Mobile-friendly Menu and Website

In today’s market, everything is mobile-friendly (or at least it should be).  If your website doesn't look good on mobile devices, you're already losing customers. Not only should your site or app be aesthetically pleasing—it should also be completely user-friendly.

Your site should be easy to navigate, the menu should be visible, and the ordering process should be simple to use.

Reliable POS System

You'd be surprised how many pizza places still use traditional cash registers from decades ago. In today's digital world, it's essential to invest in modern, reliable POS system hardware that integrates all the business solutions you need and makes payment processing safe and secure.

Grow Your Business with Revel Systems

Competition in the restaurant industry is fierce, especially among pizza shops. The main difference between a thriving pizza place and one no one knows about is the latter usually lacks a solid pizza marketing strategy. 

We can help you upgrade to a modern payment system that will take your pizza business to the next level.

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