Food Delivery 101: Simple Strategies to Increase Deliveries

Revel Blog | Revel Systems | May 20, 2022 |

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Online food delivery has long been popular, but the COVID-19 pandemic spurred it to new heights. Knowing how to increase deliveries will boost your business as consumer demands change as a restaurant owner.

How the restaurant delivery business holds strong is by adapting to the modern customer's needs. If you can get sales and delivery becomes a focal point of your food business, you have the potential to edge out the competition.

So, what’s the key to increase restaurant food delivery sales?

Why Food Delivery Orders are More Important than Ever

The rise of delivery orders hinges on the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s the single most significant factor in accelerating this part of the food industry. Today, 53% of adults said takeout is now essential to their lifestyle.

Even though the pandemic has subsided, this is one of the delivery trends that hasn’t changed. By the end of 2022, the food delivery business is expected to reach a high of $339 billion, with more growth expected.

Nearly one-third of Americans order food from third-party apps, but 40% said they prefer to order from restaurants directly. Add this to the fact that 60% of Americans order takeout at least once per week, and it’s not difficult to see how the restaurant delivery business is strong in person and how it impacts your bottom line.

The popularity of food delivery isn’t going away. While you may be figuring out how the restaurant delivery business is strong in dining, focusing on in-person dining means leaving a considerable portion of your revenue on the table.

Read about the future of food delivery. 

Modern restaurants must move beyond the in-person dining experience and think about how they will increase deliveries. Developing a strategy for improving your delivery orders will boost your business and enable you to enjoy a successful year.

How to Increase Restaurant Food Delivery Sales

Increase delivery orders, and you boost your bottom line. While working out how delivery is strong for in-person dining returns, you need to consider the online customer experience. Simply offering food delivery will not be enough to produce the epic customer experience your demographic expects.

Let’s dive into some strategies for upping the returns on the delivery side of your restaurant business.

Use Technology to Process Orders

Do you have a website? Do you have an app? Does your point of sale (POS) system have the capacity to automatically accept, process, and transfer orders to the kitchen? Using technology smoothens the delivery service of any restaurant.

POS systems like Revel automatically collect orders placed directly with you and third-party apps, such as DoorDash and GrubHub. The efficient use of technology takes away the hassle of manually managing orders and entering them into your systems.

Revel is a cloud-based system designed to handle high volumes of online deliveries. It keeps you organized and ensures no order goes unattended.

Improve Communication

Phone orders remain popular even today. Customers may look up your menu online and call you directly to lower their costs. It’s common to charge extra when ordering via a third-party service to cover those commissions.

Your staff must be trained to communicate with customers over the phone. Teach them to note down orders, avoid confusion, and maintain a polite yet friendly tone.

Customers ordering over the phone should be treated with the same courtesy as any in-person diner.

Create an Optimized Online Menu

An optimized online menu isn’t just designed to be concise and straightforward to read. It also needs to fit in with your restaurant’s goals. Not every dish is suitable for food delivery. For example, would you take a chance on ordering soup as takeout?

Every item on your menu needs to be popular enough to justify its existence, but it also needs to be profitable.

Survey your customers and create a menu that convinces your customers to click the “Order Now” button.

Online ordering menuTrack Deliveries Remotely

POS systems like Revel easily integrate with modern delivery apps. Make it simple to assign orders and optimize driver routes to boost performance and reduce your overheads.

Many restaurants use delivery apps to automatically assign routes to their drivers while also harvesting important metrics on your delivery service's speed, efficiency, and quality.

Focus on What Makes Great Service

Remarkable customer service ensures that your clientele will order from you again and again. Modern diners are exceptionally loyal to the eateries that treat them right. One bad experience could mean they never trust you again. It could also mean they tell all their friends how awful you are.

But what makes excellent service in the food delivery business?

  • Hot Food – How often have you ordered from a restaurant only to find that the food was lukewarm or, worse, stone cold? Your food must be prepared fresh and remain hot until it’s in the customer’s hands. Anything less implies that the food is stale and of poor quality. It also shows you don’t care.
  • Safe Packaging – Food shouldn’t spill or mess up the containers. A perfect dish is tempting and demonstrates you’ve given an order the care and attention it deserves. Invest in spill-free containers and learn how to pack correctly. You might also want to buy eco-friendly, recyclable packaging to demonstrate your green credentials.
  • Include Add-Ons – Extra condiments, like ketchup, mayonnaise, chili flakes, and oregano are a mainstay on any restaurant table. Make sure these are also included in your food delivery service. Add-ons like cutlery and napkins are also a must.

Part of crafting a memorable customer experience is focusing on the big details and the little details. It applies to orders delivered by your employees and those who work for third-party platforms.

In the latter case, the customer experience is vital for keeping your restaurant’s rating soaring. Low ratings mean your restaurant will lose visibility and fall down the search list.

Integrate with Online Delivery Apps

Today, there are countless third-party delivery apps to choose from if you’re hungry. Most restaurants will have a presence on all the big ones. You can’t afford not to be on them unless you’re an established name. It’s simply an easier way to browse restaurants in your area and place orders in seconds.

On your side, it’s a great way of outsourcing the hassle of delivery. By getting rid of the in-house delivery team, you can spend more time producing delicious food.

There’s also the cost side to it. Yes, you pay a commission on every order. Still, you’re more likely to make money because you don’t have to worry about hourly salaries, insurance, and employee benefits.

Have a Plan for Finding Your Customers

A delayed order always leaves a bad taste in your mouth, even if the food is fantastic. Food preparation is the leading reason an order might be delayed, but the second biggest reason is trouble finding an address.

It’s a small hurdle that can cause a lot of damage to your food delivery service. If you notice an incomplete or obscure address, have a system for getting in touch with the customer. Ask them for landmarks that can enable your driver to find their place.

If you already have a CRM dashboard, you can use it to maintain names, contact details, and any special notes that can streamline the process for every customer.

All restaurants maintaining their own delivery teams should be equipped with a GPS system. Make it clear that your drivers should also feel comfortable calling you for clarification on an address early if they’re struggling.

Finding the correct address is a particular problem when it comes to apartment buildings or recently built neighborhoods.

Put Some Thought into Your Packaging

The key to increase deliveries is to stand out from the crowd. There’s a reason why fast-food chains like McDonald’s are so distinctive. The famous yellow arches and the bright red boxes are instantly recognizable.

Before discussing the marketing aspect, any packaging you choose should keep the food in excellent condition. Ideally, your food should look the same as if it were served at a table in your restaurant.

Now, think about how you’re branding your business through its packaging. Your name, logo, and colors should be clearly visible. Look up the competition and see what they’re doing. Find a way to make your packaging unique. After all, you don’t want to be easily confused with the restaurant down the block.

Some restaurants will even add a few extras, such as postcards, business cards, and discount codes. It’s all about doing what the competition isn’t.

Play around with different types of packaging and various formats to see what improves brand recall the most.

Standardize Your Delivery Procedure

Your customers shouldn’t have to gamble every time they order takeout from you. Even if you’re relying exclusively on third-party apps, it doesn’t have to mean compromising on efficiency. You still have control over what happens on your premises.

Assign specific responsibilities to both kitchen staff and delivery drivers. Who’s in charge of processing orders? Who’s in charge of bagging? Where do delivery drivers wait when they’re waiting to pick something up?

Many restaurant owners get confused when they’re trying to manage both in-person dining and food delivery simultaneously.

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Promote Your Food Delivery Service

Uploading your restaurant on UberEats might win you some organic orders, but it’s slow going, and you’re competing with already established brands. You need to make people aware that you even offer a food delivery option.

Start with your existing customers. Make a big deal out of the fact you now have a home delivery service. Some options for promoting your food delivery service include:

  • Canvas areas with menus
  • Promote it on social media
  • Offer limited-time discounts

Like promoting your in-person dining experience, market your food delivery service in the same way. Too many restaurant owners believe that a presence on third-party apps is enough to bring in a consistent stream of orders.

Boost Food Delivery Sales With Revel 

Online food delivery has never been a more integral aspect of the restaurant business. If the in-person dining experience is your sole revenue generator, it’s time to change that.

With Revel’s POS, you have the technology to quickly construct a system that tracks orders from app to dinner table. Our cloud-based POS is innovative, easy to use, and designed to simplify running your business.

To learn more about the benefits of the Revel POS, request your free demo today.