What’s New? 5 Exciting Features From Revel 2.25

Revel is excited to announce the release of Revel version 2.25! We’ve unleashed a number of enhancements and improvements to your iPad POS, Management Console, and eCommerce. As your platform updates roll out, we wanted to highlight five key features from the 2.25 release.

1. Brand New POS User Interface

We’ve revamped our interface design to increase visual clarity for employees and shoppers, with a brighter and cleaner interface. This enhanced look is still met with the familiar operational functionality and actions you are used to.

Check out our brand new POS User Interface!

Screenshot 2017-05-01 11.01.08

Screenshot 2017-05-01 11.03.04

2. Maximize Discounts and Combos

Drive traffic, upsell customers, and increase sales through discounts and combos. To ensure that your business can maximize these tools, we’ve removed the restriction to increase item quantity. Now you can leverage volume and reference based discounts without restriction and ensure that the discount is accurately reflected based on the total quantity.  

Keep your menu and inventory agile by easily designating which items are eligible for discounts and target which items have the option to be in a combo bundle. Looking to deploy a “Buy One, Get One Half Off” for your sunglasses? Repricing is done simply on the POS, and with the sales and transaction insights gained from the Hourly Sales Report, it’s possible to identify optimal timing for a promotion to help eliminate dips in profitability.

3. Simplified Voids, Returns, & Deletions

For our customers, it was important that we distinguish our voids and discounts reporting to better support loss prevention and provide greater clarity into your business intelligence. Across single and multi location businesses you can now identify voids separately from discounts with new functionality that separates before and after purchase actions across all vertical types. The updated discounts report tracks item discounts, order discounts, exchange discounts, and coupons.

All voids, returns, comps, and any item deletion will be tracked separately in the new Adjustments report. If you have questions about a specific void or need to identify inconsistencies in data, you can easily see the which employee processed the void/return/deletion and when that happened.

4. Ring Up Repeat Orders

The success of your customers’ journey is integral to the success of your business. To ensure that your customer has a seamless experience, we’ve made it quicker to ring customers up at both the POS and Self-Service Kiosk. Customers can simply reorder items from a list of their recent orders and employees also have access into the customer’s profile and recent orders. By tracking past orders and displaying these orders onto the POS and Self-Service Kiosks, your business can increase customer happiness and ultimately customer retention.

Screenshot 2017-05-01 11.16.145. Tracking Intermediate Inventory

To make sure you don’t miss a beat with your inventory tracking, we have added an intermediate inventory feature, which allows you to prepare ingredients, modifiers, and products in advance by running recipes for each, ahead of time. You can adjust the values for each ingredient, as well as the number of times it is run by the actual yield. At this level of inventory tracking  you can better track spoilage and made in-house ingredients. From large supply vendors to last minute recipe adjustments, you can ensure that you're getting a detailed picture of your inventory numbers. 

Check out these features and many more 2.25 updates in our release notes. Curious to gain a deeper, hands-on understanding of 2.25? Join our weekly webinars where our trainers go in-depth into the latest improvements and enhancements.