4 Ways to Set Your Business Up for Success With Automation Tools

Wouldn’t you like to know how to maximize your business’ revenue? Setting the right processes in place beforehand can help do that. With today’s modern technology, there are methods to help automate your business to save you both time and money. Ditch the daily manual work and stop second-guessing (and start knowing) what’s best for your business. To help you reach your business’ full potential and save you countless hours, we’ve compiled 4 ways to help automate your business:

1. Update prices according to market rates
Make sure your prices are always up-to-date with the current market rates. If certain products are more pricey during certain seasons, make sure your pricing model is set-up to adjust as needed. For example, since strawberries are most in season during the summer, prices can skyrocket during the winter when they are more rare and harder to get. Start crunching numbers and understand your products’ worth during certain seasons; once you do, update price changes within your Point of Sale so your employee’s are always selling products at their truest value.

2. Set inventory threshold alerts
Inventory control is a tricky subject because it’s hard to determine how much to reorder and when. Some resort to guessing in the blind, and others do manual counts which can result in hours of work. Start turning to inventory threshold alerts to help solve this painpoint and eliminate the guessing game. With inventory threshold alerts, your business is automatically notified every time inventory is hitting below a certain level. Wouldn’t it be nice to having a helping hand that reminds you when it’s time to re-order again? Employees will never have to miss a sale and tell a customer, “Sorry, we ran out of stock.”

3. Access labor forecasting data
Let’s say you have 10 employees on the floor but business is going slow. Is having all 10 employees on the floor the best way to be spending your money during a slow day? Turn to labor forecasting reports that predict how many employees you need on the floor at certain times. You not only save money by having the right amount of employees on the floor, but also time by accessing valuable data in seconds that tells you the demands of labor. Know your tools and tapping into automated reports have become a necessity for setting up businesses correctly.

4. Switch to offline mode
We live in a day and age where businesses have the luxury of offline mode. Before offline mode became a reality, businesses would lose sales during Internet outages. Avoid repeating such disasters by preparing your business for these type of worst-case scenarios. By switching on your “offline mode” setting, your Point of Sale will automatically default to offline mode during an Internet outage and continue to process sales up to a maximum amount to keep you safe from fraudulent activity while offline. Protect your sales from any Internet mishap thrown your way by setting up a true offline mode for your business sooner than later.