Go Green With an iPad POS

The environment is on everyone’s mind these days, and it’s challenging to run a business while keeping an eye on conservation. The great thing about emerging green technology is that it can work on two levels. Green technology provides a reduction in energy consumption, while a secondary benefit is the money business owners can save by using more efficient products in their retail stores or restaurants.

iPad KDS helps Restaurants Go Green
Revel Systems was quick to realize that going green would be a challenge to many businesses who were concerned about costly new technologies and energy-consumption requirements. That’s why in 2011 Revel launched its iPad KDS (Kitchen Display System) designed to increase efficiency while cutting down on paper use. Revel’s KDS displays food orders to cooks or chefs, provides order feedback, and captures service times for management reporting functions. Since the KDS system requires less hardware (usually a flat panel display and a bump station), and immediately saves on paper and staff time, it’s a green solution that pays instant dividends in cost reduction.

Consumers Embracing Paper-less Transactions
Your customers are increasingly aware of environmental concerns, and a 2013 article from atmmarketplace.com reports on the increasing comfort level of most consumers with touchscreen devices. Touchscreens are becoming a major part of the buying experience, and consumers are comfortable getting receipts for their purchases or other touchscreen interactions via electronic delivery methods like texts and email. While the story is geared toward ATM usage, it does cast light on the emerging trend of an increased reliance on paper-less transactions.

Receipt Options Give Customers Choices
Revel Systems has been ahead of the curve on Receipt Options by offering your customers several choices including printing, email or declining receipts. A single location business can also personalize customer receipts with promotional text, branded logos, discounts and other traffic-generating options. Emailing receipts is quickly becoming the method of choice for many consumers as they continue to decrease their paper usage.

Revel can Help with Your Green Concerns
Revel understands the environment footprint left by miles of paper receipts, restaurant order tickets and years of accumulated business reports. We’ve got several green solutions that will help you achieve your environmental goals while improving profitability. Why not schedule a live demo right now and see how Revel's iPad POS can save you some “green” while you’re going green.