New York City, Here We Come!

It’s official! Revel Systems has landed in New York City with a new showroom and sales office. With Revel’s recent expansion to Northern Ireland and Scottsdale, Arizona, why stop there? The award-winning iPad POS leader is constantly growing, hiring around 30 more employees every month. New York, being the City of Dreams, was a no brainer when it came to expansion. Customers and prospects can expect to come to Revel’s New York office to get some hands-on experience with the Revel iPad POS and discuss how to best customize a system for their business.

Businesses in the NYC area can come to the new office and learn more about how Revel’s full suite of POS features can ease their management processes, while increasing sales. Features include:

QuickBooks Integration
Gain a holistic view of business financials and accounting with QuickBooks Integration. Export valuable data from your Point of Sale into QuickBooks and automatically sync data at the beginning of every day.

Inventory management
Track and monitor inventory in real-time. Leverage low stock inventory alerts to restock at the right levels, at the right time.

Always on mode
Keep business up and running in case of an Internet slow-down or power outage.

Open API for customization
Customize your POS to your exact business needs and wants with Open API. Integrate with 30+ third party applications to truly make your POS a one of a kind.

Mobile payments
Accept mobile payments from a variety of major third party applications, including PayPal, Apple Pay, and Bitcoin to name a few.

See how it all works and sign up for a free live demo of Revel’s iPad POS here.

The entire Revel Team is excited for this growth and expansion, as it solidifies the success this company has accomplished. Bobby Marhamat, Revel’s Vice President of Sales, is excited for the new office in Manhattan. Marhamat shares, “(It) allows us to better showcase our solutions and provide a higher level of support for our customers.” Currently, the New York office employs five sales representatives and three customer success managers, with plans to increase headcount by the year’s end. Read the press release highlighting Revel’s NYC office opening here.