Make a Grand Slam with the Right Stadium iPad POS

Game day in the living room isn’t bad. Over 110 million viewers were happy to watch this year’s Super Bowl on the small screen. But nothing beats rooting for your favorite team live at the stadium. According to TechCrunch, team owners are heavily investing in the best possible in-stadium environments. Live-venue events are hugely benefiting from emerging technologies like the iPad Point of Sale. With baseball season kicking off in April, here’s how an iPad POS can make your stadium a hit with the peanuts and Cracker Jacks crowd:

Keep the Pace
The stadium is a high volume, fast-moving environment, where tens of thousands of transactions take place within a few hours. The advanced operational capabilities of an iPad POS are designed to process orders at an efficient speed. Revel’s Stadium POS, for instance, can process 14% faster orders than Legacy POS systems. Faster capabilities mean higher transaction volume and a home run when it comes to profits.

In-Seat Ordering
Now, fans can stay put for those critical, in-your-seat moments. iPad Point of Sales with built-in mobile ordering empowers them to select and pay for their hot dog fix or loaded nachos from their smartphones, so they can spend more time watching the game and less time waiting in line.

Stand-By-Stand Analytics
Manage every concession from one console to get a better idea of fan preferences over the course of the season. With stand-by-stand analytics, while they watch what’s moving on the field, you can see what’s moving and what’s not at the check-out stands.

Scoreboard Integration
Customize your scoreboard display with play-by-play statistics and/or sales numbers. With a cutting-edge iPad POS system that communicates directly to the scoreboard, all numbers can be displayed in real time.

Always In Power
We all remember the notorious 2013 Superbowl power outage. The truth is, stadiums lose power all the time. But even when the game’s on pause for the greater part of an hour, as was the case with the Ravens versus the 49ers, an iPad POS with hybrid architecture like Revel’s stays reliable, so business can keep on running to comfort and relax agitated fans.

Bay Area baseball is coming up to speed with venue-specific iPad Point of Sale systems. Revel’s proud to work with the likes of the San Jose Giants to change the way stadiums interact with fans and to improve operations for minor league baseball.

Watch a short video below on how ASU Stadium uses Revel's iPad POS System:


“With the new systems, it’s been like night and day. Now I basically can pull up on my laptop and find out what’s in each of my stands, what’s moving, what’s not … it’s been a dream.” - Alfred Barker, ASU Stadium