Top 3 Powerful Social Media Campaigns for Quick Service

In the past couple of years social media has emerged as a top form of marketing for restaurants. Running any kind of promotion is now possible through all forms of social media, the most popular being Facebook and Twitter. The most successful social media campaigns are based on giving customers something additional to their usual experience at the restaurant. Customers will feel special and not as if they are just another person in the restaurant. These three restaurant chains did an exceptional job promoting their brand while keeping the customers needs in mind.

Offer a special treat. Starbucks offers a treat receipt promotion which gives customers a discount in the afternoon after buying a drink in the morning. Since this original promotion Starbucks has expanded the idea to similar promotions. These include sweet receipt, where a customer will receive a discount on a bakery treat later in the day, and offering a free grande iced coffee after buying a drink earlier in the morning. They advertise on Facebook and Twitter, and even have a hashtag, #treatreceipt, which engages the customers even more.These promotions are focused on making the customer want to come into the store multiple times a day. Starbucks hopes that after being “treated” with a discount the customer will continue to visit the store multiple times for all of their coffee needs.

Starbucks Social Media Campaigns for Quick Service

Make your customers feel heard. Last year Wendy’s came up with the hashtag, #pretzellovestories, to promote their new pretzel bacon cheeseburger. The idea was to take customers’ tweets and turn them into a love song about the new cheeseburger. This will encourage people to use their hashtag more, which will spread their brand faster. In the video for the love song, customers tweets showed up across the screen as they were sung by Nick Lachey among other singers. For customers that love Wendy’s and love being recognized this was the perfect promotion to engage them.

Wendy's Social Media Campaigns for Quick Service

Entertain them. Chipotle’s newest promotion is their cultivating thought author series. They have 10 popular authors writing short stories to put on their bags and cups, giving customers something to read while they eat. This idea isn’t meant to directly promote their brand and is solely meant to provide their customers with some entertainment. The result of these short stories, however, caused customers to talk about and more importantly tweet about Chipotle, increasing their engagement on social media.

Chipotle's Social Media Campaigns for Quick Service

Social media can be a powerful marketing tool that every restaurant should take full advantage of. But what if social media could be made even easier? With Revel’s Social Media Integration feature you’ll have everything you need to use social media to promote your business to its fullest potential. This feature allows you to tweet and message directly from the POS, making it easier and faster to reach your customers.