Dust Off Your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Potential

Revel Blog | Julie Holkeboer | April 7, 2020 |


As COVID-19 forces business to adapt, a CRM can help you stay in touch with your customers.

In light of today’s current climate, the personal customer touchpoints that so many businesses rely on to drive relationships and return customers have shifted. Restaurant and retail locations are considering new ways to communicate and encourage support of their operations, whatever those may be. Many operators are looking to CRM, and heavily relying on it to let customers know they’re open for business.

Using segmented customer email lists and profiles, businesses can send targeted messages to connect with past customers. Better yet, they can treat their most valuable customers to discounts or promotions. Now, more than ever before, is a great time to unlock your CRM’s potential and stay connected with those opting to stay home.

The Benefits of a CRM

Leverage a CRM for a variety of purposes. At its core, it’s technology built for staying connected with your customers. A CRM stores customer contact information and preferences, order history, and sales data in one central location. You can then use that data to push out highly relevant information to customers. Over time, a CRM helps you build lasting relationships by targeting customers with messages and offers that you know are of interest to them.

It’s easy to gather and store customer information in your CRM, especially when it’s integrated with your point of sale (POS) solution. By syncing your online ordering platform, or featuring CRM prompts on self-service kiosks, you’ll spend less time switching between systems. Your customer data collection filters into one universal hub. 

Take a Stance 

By now, your business has likely considered, and possibly even created and acted on a virtual plan to keep your doors open. Whether you’re set up to offer online ordering via your website, a rewards program application, or a third party delivery service, let your customers know exactly how they can continue supporting your business. 

Businesses are also using their CRM database to let their customers know how they’re responding to COVID-19. Do you have a plan in place to take care of your staff during the crisis? Have you partnered with other businesses in the community to share resources and words of encouragement? Take the opportunity to use your platform to share a personalized, heartfelt response. 

Promote Your Response Lineup

Recent weeks challenged restaurant and retail locations to diversify what they sell, and how they sell it. Out of necessity, businesses have been creative, and fast, to repurpose their current offerings and develop entirely new ones. 

Once those ideas are solidified and your business is prepared to sell, a CRM is the perfect tool to advertise your new offerings to customers. We’ve collected some innovative solutions below. 

Many businesses, like Sushiritto, are selling digital gift cards for purchase alongside their classic online ordering food options. Purchasing gift cards is a great way to help your business remain operational until dining rooms reopen.  

Restaurant group Juliet and Peregrine turned to Instagram tutorials to offer advice on how to cook under quarantine. Viewers have the option to make a donation via Venmo that goes directly to their staff. 

As their dining room remains shut indefinitely, Hampton and Hudson launched a general store featuring pantry-essentials for sale. Customers can opt to order a typical menu item, or stock up on groceries that might otherwise be sold out.

Einstein Bros Bagels is offering creative solutions to family meal kits. Not only does this ordering option help feed the whole family with one click, but they’ve made the meal kits interactive. Make pizza bagels with the family, or opt for their cookie kit. 

Make Them An Offer They Can’t Refuse

Power Loyalty Offerings with Data

Businesses look to loyalty programs to serve customer segments hyper-relevant offers that entice them to make another purchase. As restaurant and retail locations pivot to online ordering and curbside pickup, use targeted loyalty promotions to showcase how you will continue to serve your customers. Zunzi’s, a South African eatery, is offering 10% off online orders using a promotional code to encourage customers to take advantage of their new normal. 

Extracting data from your CRM can help inform what type of promotions your customers will find valuable. Associate customer profiles with purchases and gain insight into your customers’ buying habits. Then, offer promotions accordingly. A good CRM today breaks the IT barrier by making data extraction user-friendly and easy to interpret. A great CRM is cloud-based, giving you access to secure data in real time no matter where you are.

Check In And Ask For Feedback

Take advantage of your platform by soliciting feedback from message recipients. Ask how you can continue to serve your customers during unprecedented times, like the COVID-19 event. Consider linking to a Google survey for a secure, free way to collect this type of feedback, or offer an email address for a regularly checked inbox. 

Additionally, you can meet your customers where they areat home. Encourage people to follow your most active social media channels for up-to-date information on your business. 

Additional Resources 

As businesses continue to adapt to the current circumstances, use your CRM as an advocacy tool. For additional resources and details around Revel’s initiatives to ensure the health and safety of our employees and clients, visit our COVID-19 response page

We’ve also created the Revel Relief Fund for customers experiencing excessive hardships during this time. Submit an application to be considered for waived technology fees by May 15, 2020.