Tips for Creating a Restaurant Event Space [Guide]

Revel Blog | Sydney Kida | August 14, 2019 |


Content in this post was contributed by guest author Luke Miller, marketing associate at Placez

As a business operator, it’s always a good idea to keep your eyes open for untapped potential and new ways to capitalize on revenue. Hosting events for special occasions is a massive opportunity that you really shouldn't miss! It's a resource many restaurants are missing out on—but yours doesn’t have to be one of them. As a restauranteur, you already have most of the tools for hosting a successful event, like the square footage, a kitchen, and a Point of Sale Software Features. A tool you can consider adding to the box is technology designed specifically for event planning. New tech is shifting and innovating event spaces all the time. It's making them easier to plan, smoother to manage, and more profitable long-term. Use the tips below to convert your restaurant into a restaurant event space. 

Here are some helpful tips on creating a restaurant event space:

Re-work the Floor Plan

First, consider the floor plan. Often, event floor plans will differ from your day-to-day restaurant layout. The number one reason for that is guest count. When you have a large guest count, you don't want the dining area cluttered with unnecessary furniture. Similarly, small guest counts may leave too much open space, making the event feel awkward and empty. An excellent tool for planning your event space is 3D- and AR-diagramming technology. This cutting-edge tech is taking the events industry by storm, and it's easy to see why. 3D- and AR-diagramming allow you to create multiple floor plans, customize your event spaces, and physically examine all aspects of your event.

Communicate Clearly with Customers

Make sure you facilitate quality communication between you and the customer, a crucial element for a restaurant event space. So many events fail because the venue and client have two different visions. Utilize software that allows your client to share, get feedback on, and easily change your proposed floor plan. This way communication is always on point. Free exchange of opinions and input from your customers will yield more successful and financially viable events.

Utilize Your Point of Sale

Another tool your restaurant already has on hand that can help in hosting events is a point of sale platform. Capable of far more than traditional cash registers, today’s point of sale solutions handle inventory management, employee management, menu building, and more. If you plan to include events as a business offering and earnings potential, leverage a multi-functional point of sale to maximize your returns. Build a custom menu tailored specifically for each event. Check your inventory levels to ensure you have everything you’ll need to satisfy guests. Depending on the event size, you likely won’t need to schedule your entire team. Use employee management tools within your point of sale to properly staff events and calculate what your employee cost will be. 

Offering a restaurant event space can be a great way to boost revenue. It's never been easier in today's era of technology. Use these tips to boost your restaurant business through revenue, reputation, and more. Check out Placez for information on 3D and AR event tech. Connect with a Revel product expert to learn more about point of sale features that can add value to your business.