Higher Wages Require Higher Business Demands

It’s no secret that many large businesses make their homes in major cities. And, it’s also known that in order to recruit and keep the best employees, those same companies pay their people very well. When workers in high end jobs earn more money, a wage disparity is created in most metropolitan areas. In an effort to even the playing field in the salary category, many cities are passing legislation that raises minimum wages across the board. A 2014 article in the Washington Post lists Seattle’s minimum wage at $15.00 an hour; San Francisco comes in at $10.74; Santa Fe, N.M. pays $10.66, and San Jose minimum wage workers earn $10.15 per hour.

Higher Minimum Wages Create Additional Business Challenges
Higher minimum wage laws place an additional burden on small businesses like bars, restaurants, retailers and grocers that employ this segment of the work force. Many business owners may be forced to either reduce everyone’s hours, or even let someone go to meet minimum wage requirements. No business owner wants to reduce hours or cut workers because the overall performance of the enterprise will suffer. Employee moral will also take a hit if this type of wholesale change is implemented.

Tighter Scheduling Helps Control Operating Costs
Revel Systems has several cost-effective solutions designed to rein in costs, keep businesses profitable and keep your staff intact. With Employee Scheduling, your staff can accept or deny their schedule through their mobile devices so you’ll always know who’s coming in during peak times. You’ll also know who can’t come in so you can implement work-arounds before any problems arise. The system also provided the ability to build and adjust schedules for every employee. They can look up their shifts, project their hours, and estimate any overtime pay they may be entitled to.

Intelligent Reporting keeps Businesses Humming behind the Scenes
Another way to keep an eye on costs is to monitor and track business, sales and ordering functions in real time. Revel’s Intelligent Reporting provides detailed overviews of all business functions, allowing you to make informed decisions about all facets of your business. You can weigh cost and sales numbers, leverage data to improve the bottom line and get real-time reporting of sales broken down by hour. Labor costs versus sales, detailed payment breakdowns, customer orders, and gift card redemption are also trackable with Intelligent Reporting.

Save your Staff while Saving Money
Keeping your edge is this business environment can be difficult, especially if you don’t have all the tools at your disposal. Why not let Revel Systems show you a few easy, cost-effective measures you can take to streamline your business process. Give us a call at: 1-415-744-1433 or click here for a free, no obligation demo.