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Driving Loyalty with Drive Thru Coffee

coffee POS

Perhaps no one understands the true potential of the Ziggi’s Coffee mission to provide a convenient and superior cup of coffee with reliable service quite like the brand’s Director of Marketing, Kathryn Bleeker. For that particular customer, Ziggi’s...

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How to Overcome Labor Shortages in the Restaurant Industry


The restaurant industry has long been plagued by challenges when it comes to hiring and retaining a workforce. Traditionally, this has been an industry with unusually high turnover, compared to other jobs at similar pay rates. 

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How Virtual Kitchens are Revolutionizing the Restaurant Industry


If you're like most Americans, you consumed a fair amount of delivery and takeout during the past couple of years. After all, the pandemic shook up how we eat, among other things. Did you know that some restaurants are permanently catering to...

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How to Create a Pizza Business Plan - Revel Blog

pizza restaurants

What is a Pizza Business Plan and Why Do You Need One?  A pizza shop business plan is documentation that lays out your vision and roadmap for growing your pizza business. It serves two main purposes. First, if you’re looking to raise funding to...

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Why Are Plant-Based Pizza Sales on the Rise?


Plant-based is one of the biggest trends in America's favorite food. Increasingly, cauliflower crust, vegan mozzarella, and plant-derived pepperoni are replacing the cheesy, meaty, greasy version of pizza of the past. But why are plant-based pizza...

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How to Write a Brewery Business Plan

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Starting a brewery can be a fun and rewarding experience. Whether you are a home brewer looking to turn your passion into profit or an experienced industry professional hoping to break out on your own, opening your own brewery is an exciting time. 

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What Will be the Food Delivery Trends in the Future?

delivery technology

The food delivery industry has experienced rapid growth in the last two years. Approximately 60% of consumers now order takeout food at least once per week. But what is the future of food delivery trends? What will they look like?

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How Kiosk Restaurant Ordering Lifted One Brand’s Average Ticket Size

self-service kiosk

You’ve seen them in malls and grocery stores. But the question remains: kiosks in restaurants—do they belong? While they might not be the perfect fit for every concept, kiosk restaurant ordering had a tremendous impact for Balance Pan-Asian Grille,...

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The Top 10 Pizza Marketing Strategies That Work Every Time


What is Pizza Marketing?  When you think about it, pizza marketing seems like a simple concept: create a delicious, high-quality pizza, and the food will market itself. The problem is the market is saturated with pizza restaurants. There are so many...

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4 Strategies to Boost Restaurant Sales with User-Generated Content

marketing tips

While the food service industry took a big hit during the COVID-19 pandemic, things are finally returning to normal. In fact, this market segment is predicted to reach $898 billion in sales by the end of the year. And the restaurant business...

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