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How to Accept Credit Card Payments


Today, most shoppers don’t carry physical cash on their person. In an increasingly cashless world, credit cards have become a preferred way to pay for millions of Americans. 

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5 Proven Tips to Expand Your Online Business Strategy in 2021

online engagement


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Curbside Pickup is Here to Stay.


Try These Inventory Management Tips to Improve Your Offering.

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Webinar Recap: Franchise Marketing Tips from the Pros


The post-pandemic return to restaurants and retailers is in full swing. With this flood of consumers heading to businesses in person again, there is no shortage of demands vying for operators’ attention. Whether you are juggling staffing shortages,...

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Pizza Tech Trends: Delivery and Online Ordering


Technology can play a major role in the pizza business. After all, pizzerias are credited with championing the very first delivery solutions. This blog post will offer you a closer look at the pizza tech trends to watch. Read on to see how you can...

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Cash vs. Accrual: Which Accounting Method is Best for Your Business?


Anyone running a business needs to implement good accounting processes. This is important for compliance reasons and to gain a snapshot of the company’s current financial health.

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9 Employee Engagement Tips to Reduce Restaurant Staff Turnover

workforce management

In the restaurant industry, many employers prioritize their customer engagement strategy over employee engagement. But a lack of employee engagement leads to greater staff turnover. If you manage or own a restaurant, you may dismiss staff turnover...

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SKU Numbers Explained


Keeping track of inventory is a centerpiece of designing your retail experience and figuring out where to focus your efforts.

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How to Create a Pizzeria Business Plan

pizza restaurants

What is a Pizzeria Business Plan and Why Do You Need One? A pizzeria business plan is documentation that lays out your vision and roadmap for growing your pizza business. It serves two main purposes. First, if you’re looking to raise funding to...

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An Essential Guide to Break-Even Analysis


Performing your break-even analysis is an essential function in economics and cost accounting. By understanding how to calculate break-even points in both units and revenue, you can figure out how many of a certain product you need to sell to cover...

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