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Why Restaurants are Finally Utilizing Dynamic Pricing Technology


Restaurants depend heavily on the loyalty of their patrons. Since people tend to pay attention to how much they're paying for their food, changing menu prices is a dangerous game for restaurants. That’s why dynamic pricing in restaurants hasn’t been...

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Why Customer Value Management is Pivotal for Restaurant Marketing

customer base

At first glance, it may seem obvious what customers value about restaurants: good food, a pleasant environment, and reasonable prices. There's no arguing that these are the primary features of customer value management, but your customer base may...

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Why Invest in a Connected Kitchen for Your Restaurant?

kitchen management

There's no question that a lot of work and energy goes into making a kitchen run. As employees become more difficult to find, it's natural to automate where possible. Restaurants are used to delivery apps and online ordering, so why not see what...

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Artificial Intelligence—the Answer to the Restaurant Labor Shortage?

artificial intelligence

Most restaurants in America are struggling to fill their staff openings right now. The labor shortage is crippling restaurants, forcing them to cut hours, close dining rooms, and in the most serious cases, even go out of business. 

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Does Your Restaurant Need an App?

customer loyalty

There was a time when all a restaurant needed in order to attract new customers and keep them interested (aside from a great product) was a menu and a sign. This is no longer the case. Restaurants depend on a variety of channels, including social...

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Restaurant Tech Improved Average Unit Volume for This Multi-Unit Brand

table service

Another Broken Egg Cafe is one of the fastest growing brands in the daytime restaurant segment. With more than 80 locations, including corporate and franchise restaurants, across 15 American states, Another Broken Egg is a thriving table-service...

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Weighing Convenience vs. Price for Food Delivery Subscriptions

food delivery

In spite of many shifts in the marketplace and in consumer preferences as of late, convenience continues to reign supreme for consumer spending behavior. One area where that translates meaningfully for food brands is that of delivery.

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Make the Most of Restaurant SEO


Search engine optimization, or SEO, is revolutionizing how all sorts of businesses market their products or services. Essentially SEO is the practice of adjusting your website content so you can rank as high as possible in the listing for search...

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4 Social Media Marketing Strategies for Multi-location Restaurants

marketing strategy

Having a strong social media marketing strategy is essential in the increasingly digital restaurant industry. Restaurant owners have known this for years, especially after the struggles of Covid-19. The question now is, what are the best strategies...

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Why Counter Service is Replacing Dining Rooms

restaurant concept

Years ago, when people thought about going out to eat, they thought about being led to a table where they were taken care of by a server throughout the meal. Increasingly, eating out means ordering at a counter and seating yourself or leaving with ...

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