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13 Must-Have POS Features for Your Growing Business

One of the best ways to help your business maximize your technology investment from the start is to carefully consider your point of sale (POS) system. Choosing a solution with POS features designed to scale can help fuel overall business growth.

Revel Enters 2020 with Strong Market Position

Early Vision Last year Revel Systems maintained a focus on strong market position. A quick look at the company's history reveals how the POS provider climbed to that position in the first place.

Maximize Kitchen Efficiency with a Kitchen Display System

A perfect duo does exist — at least in the foodservice industry. No matter your restaurant concept, equipping your back-of-house (BOH) with a kitchen display system (KDS) is a huge factor in improving your kitchen efficiency and operational quality.

Why Restaurants Need to Give Up Their Legacy POS

In this article, learn how restaurants can benefit when they give up legacy point of sale (POS) systems and make the switch to a cloud-based solution.

A Look Back at Revelry 2019 

Putting People in Point of Sale Revel Systems provides world-class, cloud-based point of sale solutions, but what sets us apart is our people who deliver and support that technology. People are also what makes our annual Revelry conference such a special event. Through the conference, we have the...

What to Expect When You’re Expecting a Point of Sale

Selecting the Perfect Point of Sale So, by this point, you’ve chosen your restaurant concept. You’ve built your menu, begun hiring your staff and selected the perfect location (perhaps not in that particular order). Now, it’s time to pick the point of sale (POS) solution that will be the central...

5 Reasons To Attend Revelry 2019!

Revelry is Around the Corner Revel’s annual user conference, Revelry, is quickly approaching! From September 16 - 18, we will bring the restaurant and retail tech industry together for keynotes, presentations, workshops, networking, and more!

Highlights from NRA Show 2019

Reflecting on a Great Week Last week, our Revel Systems team completed an incredibly successful exhibition at the National Restaurant Association (NRA) Show 2019. This trade show is the biggest annual event in the restaurant industry. Revel had a huge presence at the show, and our 50'x50' booth...

5 Ways To Use Your POS Receipts

For most businesses, the biggest marketing goal is to sustain and grow a steady customer base by increasing brand awareness. That means getting the customer to do something routinely – to eat at your restaurant, buy your product, or share your news far and wide. Businesses can spend so much time...

3 Technologies Designed To Improve Order Accuracy

It’s always important to train staff to be attentive, and say orders back to ensure that the customer receives exactly what they want. And as technology has evolved, it’s made a tremendous difference in eliminating human error and providing great service.

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