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3 Technologies Designed To Improve Order Accuracy

Revel | December 2, 2017 |

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3 Technologies Designed To Improve Order Accuracy

It’s always important to train staff to be attentive, and say orders back to ensure that the customer receives exactly what they want. And as technology has evolved, it’s made a tremendous difference in eliminating human error and providing great service.

Here are three technologies designed to improve order accuracy:

Mobile Order Takers

We’re human – it’s easy to misinterpret orders when they’re handwritten. However, with Mobile Order Taker orders are clearly shown on a digital display. Less mistakes are made and customers can feel confident they’ll get exactly what they asked for, down to the last special request.

With mobile POS technology, orders can be processed from anywhere on the floor. Mobile Order Takers are also extremely easy to use. Servers can easily edit orders on the spot and have suggested items and specials pop up as they’re inputting orders.

Kitchen Display System (KDS)

Using a KDS, orders get sent to the kitchen automatically from servers along with any special requests. There is no need to wait for the paper trail. This reduces confusion in the kitchen and eliminates the need to print multiple paper records. The ability to use color schemes in the KDS also helps improve communication and food preparation processes. So if a change or a cancellation occurs, the system can immediately provide these updates or insert new items into the order. Finished items are sent to the expeditor with just a tap of the finger by the chef when the item is done.

Self-Service Kiosks

By offering customers a completely self-sufficient option to place orders, self-serve kiosks reduce labor costs and free up staff to be more productive in other areas.

In addition, with customers choosing and verifying their own meal items, the likelihood for error can be significantly reduced, further improving restaurant efficiency. A platform like the Revel Kiosk POS System helps customers easily carry through with their own transactions with detailed descriptions and photos of their order.