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Reducing Food Waste in Restaurants: How to Track & Save

How Can Restaurants Reduce Food Waste? Reducing food waste in restaurants is one of the most pressing problems in modern-day America. As a restaurateur, you can do your part by taking mindful steps to avoid contributing to this problem. Here are some tips on how to reduce food waste in restaurants.

Spring Event Season in Full Swing: Let’s Talk POS Technology

In my role as Revel’s Chief Strategy Officer, I often get the chance to attend some of our most anticipated industry events of the season. I value the chance to meet face to face with clients, partners, industry friends, and prospective clients at these events, and this busy season is no different....

Top Workforce KPIs For Measuring Workforce Management

Workforce KPIs (key performance indicators) are measurements designed to help you understand how your employees and your business are performing. In this blog post, we are exploring the best KPI metrics to evaluate the success of your employees. Their success is your business's success, so it is...

NFC Mobile Payments: What They Are & How They Work

NFC technology is seen by many as the future of contactless payment. In fact, NFC mobile payments are already in use in other applications like train stations and office buildings.

The Importance of Demand Forecasting

What is Demand Forecasting? The Details You Need to Know Countless variables can affect how much product you will sell in a given period.

How to Start a Restaurant: Build & Open Your Business

How to Start a Restaurant If food is your passion, there’s a chance you’ve thought about how to start a restaurant business. Food is an excellent concept for a business: though certain trends come and go, the desire to have great food and share it with other people is a timeless human tradition....

A Year in Review at Revel Systems and A Look Ahead at 2023

In my role as Revel’s Chief Strategy Officer, I get a front row seat into the development work taking place inside Revel’s walls. In 2022, I’m so proud of the solutions we brought to market for our clients, and we have a lot to look forward to in 2023. Stick around as I share more thoughts on what...

How the Right Point of Sale Platform Can Help Improve a Restaurant’s Finances

From my current role as Revel’s Chief Strategy Officer, I am very familiar with the latest developments in point of sale (POS) technology. Not only that, but I’ve had an opportunity to witness major changes in the POS space throughout my career. In this blog post, I’ll leverage those insights to...

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