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Revel POS 101: Our New Kitchen Display System Helps You Handle the Heat

There’s no time to waste in a fast-paced restaurant environment. Every second is crucial, whether it’s spent taking orders, preparing dishes, delivering good customer service, or maintaining inventory. When the kitchen heats up during peak hours, there’s no room for error. To maintain efficiency,...

Revel POS 101: Let's Talk About Loyalty; Let's Talk About You and Me

There’s no doubt that a brand’s loyalty program can create a thriving and connected customer base. Whether it’s through punch cards or bonus items, rewards programs encourage returning business and demonstrate appreciation to valuable guests. Revel’s newest software update aims to further support...

Revel POS 101: Search Smarter Not Harder with Alternative Lookups

How much time, would you estimate, do you spend searching for specific products you offer customers? Probably much more than any business owner is really willing to give up. And when creating an excellent customer experience, timing is everything.

Revel POS 101: Welcome to the White Label App

Every year more and more business is being conducted online. As a result, traditional brick and mortar establishments with little to no online presence miss out on connecting with a key customer base. However, developing an app or website may appear an insurmountable obstacle to merchants who don’t...

Revel POS 101: Your Essential Inventory Toolkit

Managing inventory is vital to running a successful business. In Revel’s most recent 2.16 release we’ve introduced new, user-friendly features and enhancements which allow users to stay on top of their inventory with ease and efficiency. Whether you’re a retailer, a quick-service establishment, or...

Revel POS 101: Managing Your Cash Flow Like a Boss

Even in the new age of endless payment options, cash is still top dog. While there are fees attached to processing credit cards, cash transactions don’t cost businesses a thing. And cash flow is always vital to any properly managed business. It follows, then, that keeping your business’s cash safe...

Revel POS 101: Perfect Your Prep And Increase Sales

We’ve all been there. It’s your busiest day of the week, you’re slammed, which is great - in theory - except that you’ve run out of your biggest seller. If only you’d been able to predict how much to prep in advance so that you could capitalize on your peak day and please your customers.

Revel POS 101: Keep Your Menu Fresh All Summer Long

We all have drinks, foods, songs, and outfits that symbolize summer. Seasonal changes keep things exciting. In the winter, it’s like pumpkin-flavored everything keep us cozy amidst the chill. In the spring, you can see how excited everyone is to break out that favorite t-shirt or skirt because it’s...

Revel POS 101: Diagnostic Tool

Tech Tip of the Week Hello again everyone. Since it is Friday, we have another helpful Tech Tip for you, and we think this is the most useful Tech Tip yet. Did you know that every Revel iPad POS comes with Revel's Diagnostic Tool to assist with issues or technical support issues that may arise?

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