Revel POS 101: Welcome to the White Label App

Every year more and more business is being conducted online. As a result, traditional brick and mortar establishments with little to no online presence miss out on connecting with a key customer base. However, developing an app or website may appear an insurmountable obstacle to merchants who don’t know how to code.

To help merchants overcome this hurdle, Revel has introduced an easy to use mobile solution in our White Label App. This new app integrates your products and store locations, as well as loyalty and CRM, to provide a simple, on-the-go ordering experience for customers. Utilizing and maintaining a mobile ordering app is no longer a highly technical endeavor.

white label app

To maintain continuity across multiple ordering outlets, the Revel White Label App provides customization options to match your branding. Whether you have a single location or hundreds, the app is effortlessly scalable for business large and small. Additionally, product lists and menus of all sizes can be managed across multiple locations to display within the app and synced with the Revel POS for detailed reporting.

As a customer, downloading the app to an iOS or Android device is simple. Orders can be placed using secure, tokenized credit card information to pay ahead and stored to a unique user profile for future purchases. Other technologies such as Apple Pay are also supported in-app to provide users multiple methods of payment.

As a merchant, Revel provides you a number of ways in which you can connect with your customer base. By utilizing built-in loyalty and CRM tools, you can strive for repeat returns from your customers. For added communication, the White Label App supports customizable promotional campaigns and in-app notifications to alert app users of discounts and promotions in their area.

Learn more about Revel’s White Label App and how it can help your business grow here.

Contributed by Danika Peterson, Revel Systems Sales Engineer