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3 Ways Service Delivery Can Affect Your Restaurant's Bottom Line

With economic uncertainties and labor shortages, restaurants are constantly searching for ways to cut costs while also increasing overall revenue and improving their bottom line. The good news is that it is possible to cut costs and improve margins without compromising the quality of your products...

Top 10 Best Retail Industry KPIs

If you’re in sales, you understand the importance of collecting and analyzing data. Without key performance indicators (KPIs) — such as monthly sales target, stock turnover rate, average customer spending, and cross-selling rate — retail businesses are making sales optimization much harder than it...

Meet the New Revel Assistant

The Revel Assistant has been making waves! Whether you’re firing up your system for the first time, need a quick refresher on a feature, or want to train multiple employees at once, The Revel Assistant is your step-by-step solution for all things Management Console.

Tech Tips: How to Assign Roles and Permissions

With Revel, you can empower your employees and ensure peace of mind by creating and assigning roles and permissions to members of your staff. As the owner, this allows you to specify the access level for each employee down to a granular level.

What You Need To Know About The Revel Assistant

2.40 is underway and we are introducing an exciting new virtual assistant, the Revel Assistant. The Revel Assistant is your guide to making the most out of your Revel System. The Revel Assistant lives right in your Management Console and provides step by step guides to walk you through almost...

2.40 What’s New in your Management Console

The latest product update to your Management Console from Revel comes packed with new features designed around increasing the efficiency of your business. Here are the big updates that you’ll be excited to hear about:

Is Using Sales Tax Revenue to Run Your Business a Wise Investment? (The Answer is “No”!)

There’s an urban myth in the restaurant business that goes something like this: “I collect sales tax, therefore it’s OK to use it from time to time to run my business.” However, this line of thinking, to be blunt, is very flawed. Merchants who use sales tax as working capital rarely take time to...

4 Exciting Features from Our 2.40 Release

With 2.40 Management Console updates underway, we are excited to share the hottest features from the 2.40 system update. Our updates are designed to streamline your processes, arm you with revenue-generating features, and expand your reporting tools.

The Dos and Don’ts of Customer Engagement

Every retail or restaurant chain should know that engaging with customers is critical to increasing loyalty and sales.

Is Your Restaurant Ready for Mother's/Father's Day?

It’s spring time, which means that it’s time to prep for some of the busiest restaurant days of the year: Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and grads season. Join in the merriment by maximizing your profits with compelling marketing and a streamlined and efficient back of house.

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