4 Exciting Features from Our 2.40 Release

Revel Blog | Revel | June 20, 2018 |

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With 2.40 Management Console updates underway, we are excited to share the hottest features from the 2.40 system update. Our updates are designed to streamline your processes, arm you with revenue-generating features, and expand your reporting tools.

The update to the management console is underway; stay tuned for POS updates in the coming weeks!

Here are the hottest features you can expect from the 2.40 update:

The Revel Assistant

In order to enhance Revel support and help you make the most of your Revel system, we are introducing the Revel Assistant to your Management Console. The Revel Assistant lives right in your Management Console and provides step by step guides to walk you through almost anything you’d need to do in the Management Console.

The Revel Assistant provides three tools: How-To Guides, New Features, and Getting Started. Our How-to-Guides walkthrough guides that relate to the page you’re on. Take, for example, if you are in the Reports section on the Management Console, you can see step by step documentation on how to use your sales summary reports and read your analytics.

Our New Features section walks through major new features and how to use them. And lastly, if you’re new to Revel and haven’t finished setting up your system or recently purchased an Add-On– go to Getting Started, under Revel Assistant to get you up and running quickly.



You can easily access the Revel Assistant by clicking the question mark at the bottom of your Management Console to access topics or click “watch the tutorial” on the page you’d like a little support. Learn more here. 

Customer Display System

With Revel’s Customer Display System, you can engage and empower your customers, streamline the ordering process, and gather larger and more frequent tips for your employees! In order to captivate your customers at check out, our latest release allows you to further customize your CDS with video and additional branding capabilities. Also, to ensure accurate and correct customer data, our CDS now enables your customers to enter their contact information right on the CDS.

Get More Granular with Reporting

We know your best business decisions are data-driven. And so to further empower business owners with actionable data we have enhanced our hourly sales report and added the option to receive this report daily, directly to your email, so you can keep a pulse on your business.

Also, our new cash management functionality provides additional security and enhanced reporting to help you manage your back office cash, from safe drops to bank deposits. To learn more about the Cash Office enhancements, check out the New Cash Management Functionality in the Revel Assistant (just click the question mark in your Management Console, then pick New Features), you’ll get step-by-step directions to manage your safe drops and deposit them in the bank as well as provide reports with information on your drops, counts, and deposits.


Customizable Action Buttons

An exciting new feature on your Point of Sale is our Customizable Action Buttons, these are new buttons that enable you to choose a destination URL to be accessed right on the POS! Do you want your employees to be able to check the weather or traffic? Or do you want to use a third party platform for employee scheduling or online ordering? Now, with Revel’s Customizable Action Buttons you can create your own custom button. You can link the button to access any URL directly from the POS app, while still maintaining system security. Coming in July with the POS update!

While these highlights a couple exciting updates from our latest update, there are a number of new features and enhancements for this release. Take a deeper dive into all of the 2.40 enhancements and read the full release notes here and join us at Revel University for our full archive of video guides!