Revel POS 101: Your Essential Inventory Toolkit

Managing inventory is vital to running a successful business. In Revel’s most recent 2.16 release we’ve introduced new, user-friendly features and enhancements which allow users to stay on top of their inventory with ease and efficiency. Whether you’re a retailer, a quick-service establishment, or a restaurant, Revel’s inventory tools will help you keep things running smoothly.

Store-to-Store Transfers

In our new 2.16 release Revel allows multi-location merchants to track and monitor store-to-store inventory transfers. Each transfer initiated from one location to another can be assigned a status to ensure that items are accounted for and received in full. For example, when a shipment leaves one location it’s marked as “Sent”. Once the shipment has been verified as received at its destination location it can then be marked as “Received”, allowing the receiver to note any discrepancies. To learn more about Store-to-Store Transfers in our Knowledge Base.

Purchase Orders

Built-in purchase order functionality has been long been a staple of Revel’s inventory management suite. Users can edit, add and manage multiple vendors and reorder different or like items from each. Using Revel’s low-stock inventory alerts, you can ensure your products will always be well-stocked by setting automatic prompts for reorder thresholds. Best of all, Revel’s purchase order system ties in directly to the inventory management system, allowing users to automatically add items from received purchase orders to inventory. In 2.16, we’ve even added the ability to print barcode labels for received inventory directly from the Revel management console. If you haven’t set up Purchase Orders on your POS system yet, check out this article and get started.


We all know inventory management is a two-way street. In addition to Revel’s purchase order feature which allows for easy reordering and vendor management, in our 2.16 release we’ve introduced support for Return Merchandise Authorizations or RMAs. Now, returning unused or damaged inventory back to vendors is simple. Once the vendor has received the merchandise or products, you can mark the return “Approved,” and then mark it “Paid” when the refund is processed. Finalizing an RMA is as simple as marking it “Closed” and inventory is instantly updated. For instructions on how to use RMAs, read our article here.

Tracking inventory with your Revel POS has never been easier. We want to be sure our customers are getting the most out of their point-of-sale system. Stay in the loop with Revel POS 101.