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5 Ways To Identify Slow Moving Inventory

Slow moving inventory are defined as inventoried items that have had very little customer demand over a given time period. But what constitutes “little” customer demand? And how long of a time period justifies a slow-mover? These are questions you may be asking yourself when you’re conducting...

3 Ways Revel Can Save Your Business Money During The Holidays

The holiday season is a major source of stress for business owners; malls are overcrowded, inventory and staffing are difficult to manage, and the pressure to close the year with record sales is exhaustive. Redefine your holiday experience this year and enjoy the company of friends and family, free...

6 Practical Gift Ideas For The Overworked Business Owner

For business owners the holidays bring up fears of long days, late nights, and exhaustion – dulling them to the seasonal spirit. This year treat your boss (or yourself) to the greatest gift of all, a work life balance.

Revel POS 101: Your Essential Inventory Toolkit

Managing inventory is vital to running a successful business. In Revel’s most recent 2.16 release we’ve introduced new, user-friendly features and enhancements which allow users to stay on top of their inventory with ease and efficiency. Whether you’re a retailer, a quick-service establishment, or...

Shrink Your Shrink with Better Inventory Control

Taking Back Control of Your Inventory

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