Revel POS 101: Keep Your Menu Fresh All Summer Long

We all have drinks, foods, songs, and outfits that symbolize summer. Seasonal changes keep things exciting. In the winter, it’s like pumpkin-flavored everything keep us cozy amidst the chill. In the spring, you can see how excited everyone is to break out that favorite t-shirt or skirt because it’s FINALLY warm enough. It’s the perfect time for businesses to capitalize on those summer cravings. And it’s easy to do so with Revel’s Exporting and Importing Products function.

In order to keep your menu and inventory fresh, Revel recommends “exporting” your product list so that you have essentially a template to use all summer long to update your products. With that spreadsheet template, it’s incredibly easy to just swap out products and add new products for optimum summer-vibe customization.

Have cool craft beers on rotation? Or specialty cocktails that you can add something fun like pineapple or jalapeño to? The ability to export and import products using the “Products” tab in Revel iPad POS is designed for businesses with a large number of inventory items with individualized SKUs or barcodes. Keeping track of your inventory is a breeze and will save you a ton of time so that you can focus on keeping your customers happy with new offerings.

With Revel’s “Advanced Exporting” feature, you can also update products with additional customization, like pricing. Customers who have “game day” special prices, happy hour, and flash sales can take these special products to the next level with the option to add additional “fields” on the product spreadsheet. Advanced exporting in your Revel POS gives you advanced ways to increase your bottom line and save time.

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And if you aren’t using Revel iPad POS yet, watch a demo here!