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Should Your Restaurant Shrink the Menu?

menu building

Menu changes can be scary. If a customer shows up expecting a particular menu item that's no longer available, you could end up with an unhappy customer or even a lost regular. On the other hand, trying to maintain a menu that isn't working for your...

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Revel POS 101: Building a Menu


Building a menu that is effective and efficient is incredibly important. An inefficient menu leads to confusion at the Point-of-Sale, costing you money, increasing wait time, and hurting customer satisfaction. Whether your menu is seasonal,...

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Revel POS 101: Keep Your Menu Fresh All Summer Long


We all have drinks, foods, songs, and outfits that symbolize summer. Seasonal changes keep things exciting. In the winter, it’s like pumpkin-flavored everything keep us cozy amidst the chill. In the spring, you can see how excited everyone is to...

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