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How To Increase Server Tips

Server tips can make up as much as 70% of a food server's income. That means a majority of their income is contingent on the dining experience and behavior of the customer.

Last-Minute Holiday Tips For Small Businesses

Well, fall sure flew by, didn’t it?

4 Fun Marketing Tips for Your Froyo Shop

Summer is here and there’s nothing better than a yummy cup of froyo on a hot day! Did you know in a recent study that 79 percent of customers preferred froyo to regular ice cream? It’s time to capitalize on the froyo craze and get your share of the $486 million industry. Marketing is key to...

Top Social Media Tips for Small Business Owners

Social media is everywhere. You walk down the street and notice folks are all heads down on their mobile phones, tweeting out the latest trend, posting a photo on Facebook of their whereabouts, or Instagramming a selfie. Social media is more active than ever with over 12 million Americans using...

Revel POS 101: Take Control!

Are you a business owner who just CAN’T find the time to create a menu or a product list? Are you too busy running around your store/restaurant? Well, Revel has the solution for you! Revel’s Manage Item Mode allows you to add products directly to your POS system in just a matter of a few minutes....

Revel POS 101: Keep Your Menu Fresh All Summer Long

We all have drinks, foods, songs, and outfits that symbolize summer. Seasonal changes keep things exciting. In the winter, it’s like pumpkin-flavored everything keep us cozy amidst the chill. In the spring, you can see how excited everyone is to break out that favorite t-shirt or skirt because it’s...

Revel POS 101: The Price is Right!

Bonjour, business owners! Revel’s back at it again and we’ve got some great news for you. Do you own a business where you’re constantly changing product prices? If so, Revel can help you stay on track in this ever-changing environment.

Top 3 Tips and Tricks to Get Your Retail Store Ready for Summer

Let the countdown begin! The first day of summer is around the corner. How are you going to get your business ready for the busy season? According to The Guardian, clothing sales alone increased 1.8% from summer weather, with a year-on-year increase in the month of June. Take advantage of the hot...

Revel POS 101: Table Management...AND YOU CAN TOO!

Do you manage or own a table service restaurant? Do you wish there was an easier way to view and navigate the chaos that comes with a packed house? Don’t worry, Revel’s got your back.

Revel POS 101: How to Setup you End-of-Day Process

Process Makes Perfect The day is over and you're closing up shop. Business was hectic and you're tired. How are you going to make sure everything gets done the night before another busy day? Revel’s customizable End-of-Day process, that’s how.

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