Revel POS 101: Let's Talk About Loyalty; Let's Talk About You and Me

There’s no doubt that a brand’s loyalty program can create a thriving and connected customer base. Whether it’s through punch cards or bonus items, rewards programs encourage returning business and demonstrate appreciation to valuable guests. Revel’s newest software update aims to further support merchant’s various loyalty and rewards programs.

While loyalty programs may seem like a simple strategy to implement into a business, rewards can be as unique as the type of business. To provide options to users, Revel has developed new settings that allow users to customize loyalty and rewards.

For example, say a restaurant owner wants to set a minimum purchase amount for customers on his iPad POS to begin earning rewards points. On the management console, the owner can choose a fair price that allows their guests to accrue points. This ensures that the business is generating revenue, and the customer is able to join the program.

To further create an excellent in-store experience for customers, you can even display point balances and allow rewards to be redeemed from the Customer Facing Display or the actual iPad POS screen. Should multiple rewards be made available to guests, the display allows them to review and choose how they spend their points. When the transaction is complete,  the receipt can even print the necessary amount of points for the customer to earn their next reward.

Rewards available

But as a customer base and rewards program grows, it can also fall into disarray with multiple entries of loyalty numbers and cards. Maintaining and organizing rewards cards for customer has just become much easier. With the 2.16 update, multiple rewards cards entries have been consolidated down to a single card. To ensure all of the accumulated points are accounted for, the system reviews each card and links the most recently used card number to the customer. Then the remaining card with available points are transferred or linked to the one card.

Revels newest software development makes rewarding your customers easy and convenient for you.

For more detailed information about loyalty and rewards updates in Revels 2.16 update, check out the release notes here.

Contributed by Danika Peterson, Revel Systems Sales Engineer