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Restaurant Traffic and 8 Ways to Grow It

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As 2017 comes to a close, it’s time to prep for 2018. And while the thought of 2018 may feel daunting – now is a good time to reflect on 2017 and identify ways in which you can jump-start your restaurant for the new year.

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Como and Revel Systems Partner To Deliver A Customer Engagement Solution

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Revel Systems extended its suite of CRM tools by announcing its partnership with Como, a leading customer engagement solution provider. In an era where more and more customers want to interact with their favorite brands both online and offline, a...

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3 Easy Steps For Growing Repeat Customers

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It is no surprise that acquiring new customers costs more than keeping existing customers. And once you have established repeat customers, it is much easier to sell to repeat customers then sell to a new one.

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Should Your Business Offer Discounts?

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With increasing competition in the marketplace, businesses feel compelled to offer discounts in order to entice customers. However, the tactic of using discounts as a “quick-fix” can be unsustainable, or even harmful to your business.

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Anatomy Of An Effective Digital Coupon

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One of the biggest giants in the beverage industry, Coca-Cola, birthed the idea of the coupon. The consequence? Coke gave away an estimated 8.5 million free drinks and completely changed the way businesses market. In what was a last ditch effort to...

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Revel POS 101: Enhanced Customer Experience With Custom Commerce

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It’s no surprise that we live in a mobile dominated world. And while we know most people own smartphones, how are they really using them? Smart Insights finds that 89% of mobile users time is spent through mobile apps while 11% of their time is...

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The Secret To Getting Your Loyalty Program Back On Track

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Whether your loyalty program has been in place for years or is recently up and running, you may notice unredeemed points, low participation, or inconsistencies in your data. These are some warning signs that your current loyalty program is costing...

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4 Ways To Survive A Bursting Bubble


If you’re a restaurateur, there’s a good chance you know just how hard it is to stand out from the competition—especially since the market is very, very crowded. In fact, according to a recent series from Thrillist, there’s some pretty hard evidence...

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Revel POS 101: Let's Talk About Loyalty; Let's Talk About You and Me

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There’s no doubt that a brand’s loyalty program can create a thriving and connected customer base. Whether it’s through punch cards or bonus items, rewards programs encourage returning business and demonstrate appreciation to valuable guests....

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How Loyalty Programs Engage Your Most Valuable Customers

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Even the most successful business will reach a point where revenue begins to level off or plateau if the product or service remains static. In order to keep it from entering a stage of diminishing returns, it’s important for business owners to...

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