Revel POS 101: Perfect Your Prep And Increase Sales

We’ve all been there. It’s your busiest day of the week, you’re slammed, which is great - in theory - except that you’ve run out of your biggest seller. If only you’d been able to predict how much to prep in advance so that you could capitalize on your peak day and please your customers.

Thankfully, the Product team at Revel has developed a feature we call the “Par Level Forecasting Tool.” Okay, it’s a bit of a mouthful. Basically, it’s your prep survival tool. The feature allows you to start tracking an item for a period of time that you define in the Management Console. Once you’ve established tracking for an item, for a few weeks, for example, you can predict based on the previous weeks’ performance, how much cornbread to make on Thursdays or how many breakfast sandwiches you typically go through on a weekday morning.

The tool will tell you how much you sell of the item you choose to track by hour, so if you need to have a certain amount of cookies for the after-school rush, you’ll know how many you need at any point in the day. You can easily enable reporting that you can see in the Reports section of your Management Console called the Item Tracking Report.

Item Tracking Sets

Item Tracking Sets Configuration Page

Want to make sure you are prepared for big holiday weekends? Or crazy-busy annual events like Black Friday? Start tracking now so that you are prepared for the next one! By saving your tracking from a special day as a template, you’ll have that data to refer to down the road. You can then get to your saved templates by clicking on the “Use to Forecast” drop-down menu. You can call the Template “Labor Day Weekend” and use that scenario to prepare for future holiday madness.

Revel wants you to be able to work smarter, not harder. With this forecasting tool, you’ll be able to staff appropriately and balance your daily workload. You’ll also be able to budget and project sales. Nothing’s worse than being ill-prepared and losing money turning customers away. Revel’s prepping tool will ensure that you won’t miss opportunities to increase your bottom line.

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