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Retail Checkout Counter Ideas & Sales Best Practices

Many businesses treat the retail checkout counter as the end of a customer's buying experience, and feel they don't need to place much importance on it. It's a shame, because this leaves a significant opportunity on the table.

Tips to Improve Sales in Retail: Boost Customer Conversions

Are you looking to improve retail sales? As a retailer, many factors can affect your sales that are beyond your control, such as a public health crisis or recession. Unfortunately, some just accept the status quo, give up, and close shop.

COVID-19 and Off-Premises Service

As though someone flipped a switch, a wave of restaurant closures swept the country and the globe following the outbreak of COVID-19. With doors closed and windows shuttered, businesses looked to innovation not through inspiration, but necessity. Off-premises service quickly emerged as a solution...

Gift Card Program: Retail System FAQ & How to Sell

There’s a reason many major retailers around the world have a gift card program in place: when done right, it works on a number of levels. It’s a fantastic way to market your brand and adds revenue to your bottom line at the same time. Customers love these programs, too, since they’re the perfect...

The Halal Guys Selects Revel Systems as Preferred Point of Sale Provider for All Franchises

Today Revel Systems announced that more than 80 franchise locations of fast-casual restaurant group, The Halal Guys, will use Revel as its preferred point of sale provider.

ICYMI: Revel & Maple Street Biscuit Company Talk Online Ordering

Let’s Talk Online Ordering [Webinar Recap] COVID-19 is never far from anyone’s mind these days. And for many businesses, online ordering has been a critical operational addition in order to adapt to the environment and stay open. In a recent webinar — Leveraging Your Online Ordering Solution for...

Ways Restaurants Can Streamline Operations in a Crisis

This article explores how brands can manage and prepare for a crisis. Given the unprecedented challenges currently facing the foodservice industry, many restaurants are scaling up their delivery and takeout service in order to survive. Some are even launching services they have never used before,...

Delivery Strategy & How to Benefit from It

Getting Started with Delivery Strategy For restaurant operators, the COVID-19 crisis has had a major impact on business. We’ve seen many brands make huge operational shifts in response to mandated shutdowns of dine-in service. Some restaurants are implementing a delivery strategy for the first...

Revel Version 2.59 Release Spotlight

New Features and Enhancements in Revel’s Version 2.59 App Revel version 2.59 is live! This release includes an array of new features and enhancements designed to help you streamline your business operations and equip you with the market’s most robust reporting tools.

Revel Systems Introduced a Stand-Alone Online Ordering Solution

Revel Systems introduced a stand-alone online ordering tool called Revel Go™ to meet the needs of restaurants dealing with business disruption due to COVID-19.

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