Revel Version 2.59 Release Spotlight

Revel Blog | Sydney Kida | April 27, 2020 |

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New Features and Enhancements in Revel’s Version 2.59 App

Revel version 2.59 is live! This release includes an array of new features and enhancements designed to help you streamline your business operations and equip you with the market’s most robust reporting tools.

Let’s dive into some of our favorite features from the 2.59 update:

Customer Display System (CDS) XT

Revel is proud to introduce CDS XT — the newest generation of our customer display system. Fully integrated with the Revel point of sale (POS), CDS XT comes with an entirely brandable and immersive customer-facing display screen. CDS XT provides a more streamlined and user-friendly customer experience. 

The display is completely customizable via the Branding Tool. You’ll be able to add your logo, display current advertisements and promotions, and match accent colors to your exact branding.  CDS XT is a great tool for brand management. It improves order accuracy and provides an all-around refined customer experience. 

Kitchen Display System (KDS) Enhancements                                                         

Make sure your back-of-house operations are in lock-step with your kitchen with help from a kitchen display system (KDS). Digitally capture orders in real-time and display visual cues for your kitchen staff. In app version 2.59, we’ve made some enhancements to our KDS for even better-optimized workflows for restaurants.

A big change in 2.59 is our KDS redirect. This feature gives you the option to shut down kitchen stations during slow hours and redirect orders onto another display. This update will help you save on labor costs when business is slower. 

Stocktake Feature Updates

Introduced in Revel’s previous release, the stocktake feature provides a completely redesigned inventory experience. It replaces the need for a physical inventory application. Available in the 2.59 release, new templates allow for easier inventory counts on items you routinely check. Utilize these templates to set up customizable lists of items and save time along with the pain of setting up repetitive stock counts. The new user interface makes template utilization within the stocktake feature easier than ever. Quickly choose between groups, classes, and categories of items while creating your stocktake list. You can also optionally implement cycle count practices (continuously counting stock in sections at different times). You’ll be able to set up a stocktake list to recall at any time of day. 

New: Pass Through Service Fees       

Franchisees, say hello to your favorite new feature: Pass Through Service Fees.  Allowing you to collect money and pass it on to a third party, this feature permits money to be passed on without affecting your business, taxes, or profit. Franchisees will especially benefit with the ability to report a fee as a liability rather than a sale.

Are you using a third party delivery company? Delivery fees can be listed as “third party” for services like Uber Delivery. You can also label other fees, like auto-gratuities, as “employee” under your management console for more appropriate reporting. 

Added Option for Service Fees

A new addition available in this update will be the option of pre-discount service fees, giving you the ability to calculate tips and services fees before applying discounts on an order or item. Our update to service fees will enable business owners to manage their service fee configuration directly within their management console. 

Regular Updates for an Exceptional Experience

Revel recognizes the challenges and complexity facing the restaurant and retail industries today. We do our best to equip our clients with the most robust POS in the market, and one of the reasons we prioritize regular updates is to offer the best possible products to our clients. 

Stay tuned for updates on additional features designed to address challenges facing businesses in light of COVID-19. To everyone who has—and continues to—provide us valuable feedback, thank you so much for helping us continuously adapt, improve and enhance our product! 

Have more questions on the updates to come? Learn more about Revel’s 2.59 update by checking out our 2.59 support page