ICYMI: Revel & Maple Street Biscuit Company Talk Online Ordering

Revel Blog | Sydney Kida | May 21, 2020 |

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Let’s Talk Online Ordering [Webinar Recap]

COVID-19 is never far from anyone’s mind these days. And for many businesses, online ordering has been a critical operational addition in order to adapt to the environment and stay open. In a recent webinar — Leveraging Your Online Ordering Solution for Success — Revel client Maple Street Biscuit Company (MSBC) and Revel’s professional services team joined forces to talk online ordering, offering insight into launching and adapting Revel’s flexible solution. 

In case you missed the webinar in real time, here’s a look at the highlights: 

A Quick Look at MSBC

According to Scott Moore, CEO of MSBC, every MSBC location is a “community store.” Originally founded on San Marco Boulevard in Jacksonville, Fla., MSBC set out to be more than a restaurant. Founder Moore and Gus Evans wanted their establishment to be part of the community. “If you’ve been into a Maple Street store or you’ve heard about us, you know that we’re a mission-driven company,” said Moore. “Our mission is to help people, serve others, and be part of the community. Everything we do gets filtered through that.” 

This philosophy has endured through the company’s expansion to other states and communities. No matter the location, each restaurant operates on four guiding principles:

  • Comfort food with a modern twist
  • Gracious service
  • Immaculately clean stores
  • Sustainable business

As COVID-19 took the world by storm, Moore and his team knew they had to respond nimbly. This was critical to keeping the business open. But it was also key in upholding their core principle of service. 

Online Ordering to the Rescue

Surprising as it may sound, a digital solution was critical to maintaining community service and a personal touch for the franchise. “As we’ve grown, we’ve looked for what kind of technology could help us. And we’ve been very cautious about how we’ve chosen technology, because for us, guest engagement and building relationships is really critical.” 

In a time where face-to-face interactions with guests simply weren’t feasible, digital communication helped MSBC sustain a direct line of communication with their customers. Whether uncovering evolving customer needs, or simply letting them know what offerings were available, this communication tool was invaluable. 

Enter: Biscuits for Heroes

One thing was quickly apparent for all MSBC locations: the restaurants wanted a way to thank frontline workers risking their lives for community health and safety. How better to say “thank you” than with a biscuit? 

MSBC launched their Biscuits for Heroes program to do just that. The program allows MSBC customers to directly support the cause. Customers can purchase a “hero biscuit box” online to send to a hospital, medical facility, first response unit, post office, grocery store, or any other group of essential workers. If they choose, they can personalize the delivery. MSBC lets customers select a delivery location of their choice as long as it falls within a 10 mile radius of the restaurant. 

Online Ordering Biscuits for Heroes

An unlikely ally for the program, Moore and his team turned to their POS as a conduit for getting the word to customers about the offering. “Used correctly, Revel could be a communication tool,” he said. “We started to set it up to communicate to our guests about all the different ways we were going to serve them though this process, beyond just being a restaurant serving food.” Biscuits for Heroes was one of those “different ways” of service. 

The program was an instant hit. Since the program’s March 27th launch, the company has delivered more than 8,800 biscuit box meals to front line workers. Of those meals, 98% were placed through online ordering. In this instance, a digital solution really helped MSBC bring home a personal touch for local first responders. 

Many Applications for Online Ordering

Online ordering is a tremendous resource for businesses right now, biscuits or no biscuits. Without a global pandemic it’s already a tool that increases business reach. It allows operators to diversify their revenue streams. It makes a business accessible to customers in a matter of clicks, and when integrated with Revel’s delivery management solution, it gets your product from point A to B with ease. 

Here are a few reasons online ordering might be the right move for your business: 

  • A cloud-based management console allows you to easily access your data, quickly make changes as needed, and get set up from anywhere.
  • With online ordering you can easily update menu offerings and products and instantly push them live.
  • Integration between online ordering, your payment processor and your point of sale ensures everything is connected in a single system, reducing order errors and aggregating all data centrally.
  • Cloud-based reporting gives you instant, real-time access to sales performance and transaction figures. 
  • Digitally (and immediately) offer specific instructions or special promotional offers to online customers. 

Whether your business is responding to new precedents in a global crisis or is simply exploring ways to stay agile and modern for customers’ ever-changing expectations, online ordering is a great tool to explore. When paired with a cloud-based solution this tool is also incredibly easy to manage and modify. After COVID-19 is a topic for history books instead of news headlines, online ordering will continue to help businesses as a valuable communication tool and added revenue stream. 

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