Recent Articles from Coral Drake

What Do Your Customers Value About Coffee?

Coffee plays a fundamental role in the lives of people all over the world. To succeed, cafes must realize that customers value coffee as something deeper than a drink. Coffee offers a moment of everyday luxury, something to slow down and savor, and an opportunity to relax in a comfortable...

Coffee AI—Can Forecasting Brew a Better Cup?

Coffee has been consumed since ancient times. It was popular throughout most of the world by the 17th century. There have been many evolutions in coffee's journey over time, but artificial intelligence (AI) may be among the most dramatic.

Artificial Intelligence Forecasting Reinventing How Restaurants Plan

Artificial intelligence forecasting for restaurants can alleviate the unpredictability that has long challenged the industry. Machine learning can tell you more than you could have learned before about when customers are most likely to come to your restaurant, how much of each ingredient you need...

How Can Customer Value Management Increase Retail Sales?

Customer value management is pivotal to improving retail sales, regardless of what you sell. You're surely already taking into account what your customers value about your company. However, when you utilize customer value management to increase retail sales, you dig deeper into how your customers...

Why Personalized Transactions Matter

In an increasingly digital age, consumers are often left feeling that there is less personalization in their everyday interactions. As online ordering and delivery apps replace meals out at local restaurants and e-commerce shopping competes with visits to retail stores, customers may be left...

Why Restaurants are Finally Utilizing Dynamic Pricing Technology

Restaurants depend heavily on the loyalty of their patrons. Since people tend to pay attention to how much they're paying for their food, changing menu prices is a dangerous game for restaurants. That’s why dynamic pricing in restaurants hasn’t been common in the past.

Why Customer Value Management is Pivotal for Restaurant Marketing

At first glance, it may seem obvious what customers value about restaurants: good food, a pleasant environment, and reasonable prices. There's no arguing that these are the primary features of customer value management, but your customer base may value other things about your restaurant;...

Why Invest in a Connected Kitchen for Your Restaurant?

There's no question that a lot of work and energy goes into making a kitchen run. As employees become more difficult to find, it's natural to automate where possible. Restaurants are used to delivery apps and online ordering, so why not see what technology can do for kitchen efficiency as well?

Artificial Intelligence—the Answer to the Restaurant Labor Shortage?

Most restaurants in America are struggling to fill their staff openings right now. The labor shortage is crippling restaurants, forcing them to cut hours, close dining rooms, and in the most serious cases, even go out of business.

Does Your Restaurant Need an App?

There was a time when all a restaurant needed in order to attract new customers and keep them interested (aside from a great product) was a menu and a sign. This is no longer the case. Restaurants depend on a variety of channels, including social media, websites, and other technology to compete in...

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