Recent Articles from Coral Drake

Why Are Plant-Based Pizza Sales on the Rise?

Plant-based is one of the biggest trends in America's favorite food. Increasingly, cauliflower crust, vegan mozzarella, and plant-derived pepperoni are replacing the cheesy, meaty, greasy version of pizza of the past. But why are plant-based pizza sales on the rise?

The Restaurant Technology Ecosystem: Back Of House

It’s easy to see restaurant software at work in the front of the restaurant. Digital menu boards, tablets and kiosks for ordering are extremely visible. However, the kitchen, or back-of-house (BOH), is another area of the restaurant that utilizes technology to improve efficiencies and create...

Digital Menu Board 101

You’ve finally decided to check out that new little sandwich place down the street for a quick lunch. You walk in and start perusing the hand-written felt pen menu board and almost immediately you’ve got a few questions.

Inventory Management for Bars

Working in hospitality is fast paced and thrilling; however, there is one part of managing a bar that most owners and employees do not look forward to—inventory management.

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