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How to Overcome Labor Shortages in the Restaurant Industry


The restaurant industry has long been plagued by challenges when it comes to hiring and retaining a workforce. Traditionally, this has been an industry with unusually high turnover, compared to other jobs at similar pay rates. 

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How Virtual Kitchens are Revolutionizing the Restaurant Industry


If you're like most Americans, you consumed a fair amount of delivery and takeout during the past couple of years. After all, the pandemic shook up how we eat, among other things. Did you know that some restaurants are permanently catering to...

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Why Are Plant-Based Pizza Sales on the Rise?


Plant-based is one of the biggest trends in America's favorite food. Increasingly, cauliflower crust, vegan mozzarella, and plant-derived pepperoni are replacing the cheesy, meaty, greasy version of pizza of the past. But why are plant-based pizza...

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