Recent Articles from Coral Drake

How to Optimize Your Restaurant's Menu for Maximum Profit

Your restaurant's menu is so much more than a list of food and drink options. The way you optimize menu design and content influences consumer decisions and sales.

How Engaging In-Store Experiences Bring in Traffic

Physical store traffic generation is getting harder in many ways, but retailers also have new tools to motivate in-store shopping. Not only does getting customers in brick-and-mortar stores improve sales and bring in new customers, but it can improve online store sales too. According to one survey,...

Is Dynamic Pricing Right for Your Retail Store?

Pricing products to maximize profits in retail has never been easy. Too low and you lose out on profit. Too high and you deter consumers, hurting brand image and sales.

Evolving Customer Loyalty Programs in the Digital Age

Customer choices are vast, and brand loyalty is volatile, but digital loyalty programs are an effective way to secure a dedicated customer base. Leveraging online loyalty fosters long-term relationships with customers, but the old digital punch card isn’t going to do it anymore.

Omnichannel Marketing Strategies for Retailers

Traditional marketing tends to treat each channel as a separate entity: online users get one experience, retail shoppers another, and social media users another. An omnichannel retail strategy unifies marketing, offering a personalized shopping experience across all customer touchpoints online and...

Managing Brand Consistency Across Multiple Locations

Strategies for Maintaining Brand Consistency Across Multiple Locations Building and maintaining brand consistency is essential if you want your company to expand, whether you’re opening multiple corporate locations or starting a franchise. Without a unified brand experience—in-store and online—your...

Exploring Global Markets: Taking Your Business International

As the world gets smaller, the global market gets more accessible. World markets today offer a wealth of opportunities to business owners looking for new places to expand. However, international business can be risky as well. Here are some global business strategies to set you up for success in...

Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility: Building Trust

Corporate social responsibility (CSR), is too often seen by management as a luxury or a weakness. However, in reality, good business ethics pave the way for bigger and more reliable profits and “free” marketing with extremely high conversions. It can also help your business attract the best talent...

Innovative Marketing for Businesses on a Budget

Are you running a business on a budget? No problem. With innovative marketing strategies, you can see a huge return on your investment while spending much less than you might expect.

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