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How To Combat Cart Abandonment

How To Simplify Ordering, Delivery, And Payment In E-commerce To Combat Cart Abandonment

From Awareness To Purchase: The Role Of Your Customer Journey Map

Understand Customer Expectations So You Can Exceed Them When it comes to running a successful business, you need to understand how you operate and what value customers see in your offers. Taking this physician, heal thyself approach to sales will help you understand customers better and make it...

3 Important Lessons Brick-And-Mortar Retailers Can Learn From eCommerce

Despite low prices and digital innovations driving consumers to buy online, brick-and-mortar stores continue to be consumers’ preferred place to complete a purchase -- in fact, 91% of shoppers research products online, then purchase in-store.

8 Strategies To Boost Mobile App Downloads

Mobile is the darling of the tech world. From reading menus and placing orders to connecting with brands on social media and writing reviews – shoppers interact with businesses in a number of different ways on their phones. And research into that mobile behavior finds that consumers spend 85% of...

5 Steps to Growing Your Business Online

Producing an engaging, highly trafficked, online presence can be a difficult undertaking for any business. Competition can be high, budgets scarce, and if you’re new, starting from scratch can take a lot of time and effort. Fortunately, with the right strategy, your online presence doesn’t have to...

Who Is The Millennial Shopper? [Research Roundup]

An ever-changing tech landscape has conditioned the millennial shopper to embrace high-tech. New technologies affect shopping behaviors and evolving shopping behaviors affect technology—it’s a revolving door. This creates a complex, forward-thinking shopper.

3 Ways Going Online Benefits Your Brick-And-Mortar

Just as people have requested “no onions” on an In-N-Out Double Double, ordered custom sneakers online, or crafted hand written love letters—people have been customizing their purchases, experiences, and lifestyle. So much so, that 70% of consumers want a personalized shopping experience.

Brick-And-Mortars New Role In A Digital World

Now that Thanksgiving leftovers have been cleared out of the fridge – we can digest the results from Black Friday and examine what this means for the future of brick-and-mortars.

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