8 Strategies To Boost Mobile App Downloads

Mobile is the darling of the tech world. From reading menus and placing orders to connecting with brands on social media and writing reviews – shoppers interact with businesses in a number of different ways on their phones. And research into that mobile behavior finds that consumers spend 85% of time on smartphones in apps, explaining the surge of white label apps.

The mobile app industry is positioned to generate an income of $77 billion in 2017, and now is the time for you to take a ‘byte’ out of this industry. If you are interested in deploying a white label app for your business, or have one and looking to increase downloads – we’ve outlined eight strategies to boost app downloads.



In-Store: If you’re just getting started promoting your digital presence, your shoppers likely recognize you for your brick-and-mortar store. Place signage in your store that draws your shoppers attention to your new mobile app. Additionally, you can set up a station that allows shoppers to use your mobile app and even purchase directly from your store! Train your staff to know your app inside and out and encourage shoppers to download your app at the store.

Social Media: Point potential users to your app through your social media channels. The demographic most active on social media are also the most likely to use mobile apps, so this is a great way to see an immediate uptick in usage. If budget allows, put some money behind your social posts to increase visibility. Here, you can not just target current customers, but also potential customers.

Smart Banners: In addition to using social media to promote your app, you can install smart banners on your website. Smart banners are banners that pop up when a consumer visits your website on their phone. The content can direct consumers directly to downloading the app for a more seamless mobile experience.

App Referrals: A report by Nielsen found that 92% of consumers trust referrals from people they know and that consumers are four times more likely to buy when referred by a friend. Referral marketing is a powerful tool and can be used to help promote mobile downloads. You can build this into an existing loyalty program with robust CRM management.

App Store Optimization (ASO): There are a number of factors that increase the visibility of your app in the app store. Start by optimizing your keywords and backlinks to best position your app for success. Once this is in place, encourage users to leave reviews and download the app, because the higher these numbers the more likely users will be able to locate you on the app store.



Exclusive Rewards: Two out of three shoppers say receiving app-only discounts and coupons influences them to download a retailer's app. Simply put, your mobile app needs to provide more value to your customers than your mobile website. The most lucrative way for you to provide customer value is with a mobile app exclusive reward system. Once shoppers make purchases you have data on them instantly and can further personalize your marketing.

Different Offerings: Similar to exclusive rewards, your app needs to provide novelty. There should be some product or service that can only be purchased from your app. Optimize this strategy by selling something ecommerce or delivery friendly exclusively on your mobile app. When selling different products through different channels, you can better deplete inventory and save on operational costs.

Promo Codes & Reviews: Apple now permits iOS developers to issue promo codes for in-app purchases. Here, you can easily test your app and share it out with friends or influencers to garner feedback and get early positive reviews. Like “early bird” rates, you can discount certain items, and implement redeemable points to encourage shoppers to review your app, and shop again. You can drum up more buzz by creating competitions on your social channels to be an early tester of the mobile app.

Custom Commerce

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